Giving Back To Ventura County First Responders

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Wedgewood Weddings is rooted in Ventura County, calling it home since 1986. The company always strives to support its local community by giving back. That's why it's proud to announce it will offer $750 in "Wedgewood Weddings Cash" for local first responders and their families. The extra cash can be used to enhance their wedding or event, creating a fun experience for all.

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"Wedgewood Weddings Cash" is now available at their two Ventura County locations - Sterling Hills and Pacific View Tower Club by Wedgewood Weddings - for all eligible clients who book a wedding or event by Aug. 31, 2020, and celebrate before Dec. 31, 2020.

The impetus for this program is helping a community that has suffered environmental devastation. First responders rush to the heart of every tragedy and it's their touch that helps so many families continue to smile no matter what they've endured. By offering $750 "Wedgewood Weddings Cash" to local first responders, Wedgewood Weddings wants to help spread love and happiness in a community that is still rebuilding.

"We've called Ventura County home for decades and we're so appreciative of the tireless efforts of first responders. This appreciation program is our way of demonstrating our thanks. It's been a tough few years for our community and we want to continue to give back to this incredibly deserving group," says Wedgewood Weddings President Bill Zaruka.

Wedgewood Weddings teams at Sterling Hills and Pacific View Tower Club live and work in the community. They love to see local couples turning their backs on the recent difficulties and step towards a brighter future with the ultimate symbol of hope: a wedding. As a group, the team is always ready to help engaged couples celebrate. From conferences and meetings to family celebrations, everyone can enjoy a top-quality venue and award-winning event planning service with Wedgewood Weddings.





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