How We Make Weddings Extra Safe

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Let’s talk about how we’re making weddings extra safe for you and your guests. Friends and family can gather safely in our professional event venues. Our team is committed to keeping you safe.

Here’s how we make weddings extra safe



We use approved disinfectants throughout the venue, have strict cleaning protocols and keep every surface sanitized during events. You and your guests will find unobtrusive sanitation stations at our venues.


Our teams wear masks at all times during events. We ask that guests wear masks too, except when they’re in family groups or seated for a meal.


We place banquet tables 10ft apart. That gives you and your guests room to move around your table and relax.

Health checks

All our team members complete a health and temperature test prior to supporting an event.

Food Display Screens

We safeguard all food with food display guards - the same as you see every day in restaurants. In fact, we adhere to Restaurant Association rules to make sure our food is delicious and safe.

Fresh Air

Our venues are large, with good air flow and plenty of room for distanced mingling. We have high ceilings and commercial HVAC units which improve ventilation. Our outdoor ceremony and reception areas look great in photos and also benefit from refreshing breezes.

Exclusive Use

We make more time for all appointments and before/after events so guests do not overlap and we have more time to clean.

Adapt & Protect

We’ve implemented new creative ideas to put our team and our guests’ minds at ease. Here are just four examples:

  • Dancing is now in family groups and dance floors are bigger
  • We’ve switched to buffet service instead of plated
  • Appetizers stations are available instead of passed hors d'oeuvres
  • Ceremony seating matches reception seating to help guests find their chairs easily


Your safety is our priority and we’ve applied all these minor changes to help everyone feel good at our venues. Each change protects you and your guests without diluting the fun and romance of your event.

September 25 2020 wedding at Galway Downs by Wedgewood Weddings



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