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Essential Tips for a Glamping Honeymoon

Essential Tips for a Glamping Honeymoon

Your honeymoon will be one of many incredible trips you take with your future spouse. It should kick off your married life in the happiest way possible, which is why so many couples decide to go glamping.

Check out the ultimate guide to planning a glamping honeymoon if you and your fiancé love the great outdoors. You’ll celebrate your marriage in one of the most fun and exciting ways possible.

What Is Glamping?

Glamping is camping with modern facilities or accommodations to make the camping experience as comfortable as possible. People often associate it with glamping retreats, but you can personalize your trip with whatever lodging, activities, or accommodations make you happiest.

Why Do Couples Love Glamping Honeymoons?

Unlike primitive camping, which uses minimal to no amenities like running water or lights, glamping is a great way for couples to spend their time outdoors in modern luxury. You’ll have everything you need to prevent discomfort or boredom. It’s the best way to get some quiet time away with your partner and enjoy breathtaking views in every direction.


Portrait of a young couple sitting with guitar near bonfire in the forest

10 Tips for Planning a Glamping Honeymoon

An elevated form of camping could be the best way to celebrate the start of your married life. Use these essential tips to plan a glamping honeymoon that’s equally fun and romantic.

Pick Your Favorite Location

There are many places where you could go glamping with your future spouse. Sit down together and make a list of which destinations catch your eye. You might love the serene desert in Joshua Tree, California, while your partner wants to see the galaxies twinkling above the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.

Once you have a few destinations in mind, ask yourselves why you like each place. You’ll discover what you both want in a vacation spot and find a location that has everything you both need for your honeymoon.

Choose Your Type of Glamping

Glamping is personal, so there are many ways to define it. Schedule a romantic date with your partner to discuss your type of glamping. Would you be equally happy in a tent with string lights and a sleeping bag made for two? Maybe you’d prefer a luxury rental cabin with a big bed or a decorative yurt with an extra large air mattress.

Picture yourselves staying in a glamping situation with specific lodging and amenities. Once you know how you both define this type of honeymoon, you can plan the finer details.

Consider a Camper

You could always tow a camper along if you're not into tent camping and want a different experience than a cabin. Campers are intimate recreational vehicles that most campsites accept. Filter your destination options by camper allowances to discover which locations are big enough for your romantic glamping method.

It’s also wise to check your car’s towing capacity before picking a camper for your honeymoon. Factors like its axle ratios, torque, and tires are just a few things that could limit you to a smaller camper. Your car’s manufacturing manual will have the information you need to calculate the max towing weight, or you can consult with the camper rental company.

Create Your Packing List

Your destination and choice of lodging inform how you’ll pack for your glamping honeymoon. You wouldn’t want to bring heavy winter coats to a beachside tent or a bikini to a mountaintop cabin in the winter.

To personalize your packing list, check out your glamping destination’s average temperature and weather. It should include items like:

  •     Comfortable outdoor shoes
  •     Extra socks
  •     Pajamas fit for the weather
  •     Extra blankets, as needed
  •     Bedding if you’re staying in your own lodging
  •     An air mattress if you’ll stay in a tent
  •     External batteries for plugging in amenities like lights

Don’t forget essentials like water bottles, soap, toiletries, and cleaning products if you’ll need to wash dishes. It all depends on your choice of destination and lodging.

Organize Potential Activities

Every vacation spot has things to do. See what people do at your chosen glamping destination by researching the area. Depending on the spot, you could go hiking, fishing, or horseback riding. Maybe you’ll be near a town with many late-night party venues or tourist attractions like a theme park. Who says you can’t ride the roller coaster down the road just because you’re in a camper?

Don’t forget to reserve some time for personal activities, too. You can reminisce about your wedding by the campfire or play a board game with your morning coffee. You could even catch up with wedding guests who watched your live-streamed ceremony and didn’t get to chat at your reception. It depends on how you want to bond with each other and if you’ll have phone service or internet.


Biker couple cycling in countryside forest

Download Some Helpful Apps

Glampers almost always take their phones with them. If you plan on doing the same thing, download a few apps before you go. A stargazing app points out the constellations with calming background music. Use a compass app to find your way around the woods or a plant identification app to see if you’re about to walk through poison ivy or Virginia creeper vines.

You could download apps while you’re at your glamping site, but your internet connection might not be as strong. It all depends on where you stay. It’s best to download helpful apps before leaving home so you have everything you need.

Get ready for a safe honeymoon

While honeymoons are typically filled with romance, unexpected situations can arise. It's essential to be prepared for any unforeseen incidents. Ensure a worry-free trip by packing an emergency medical kit, either purchased for a store or assembled with essential supplies such as:

  •     Band-aids
  •     Bandages
  •     Antibiotic ointment
  •     Tweezers
  •     Over-the-counter pain killers
  •     Cloth tape
  •     Eye drops
  •     Dehydration-fighting electrolyte packs

Empower your journey with a fully charged external battery, ready to jumpstart your car or rescue your phone in critical moments. Explore the bright side of solar-powered options to ensure a constant electricity supply and a reliable means to reach out for assistance. While it may not be the most exciting topic during honeymoon planning, having this conversation is essential for peace of mind when you're away from home. 

Have Fun With Your Meals

Although many glamping sites are near restaurants, you could customize your honeymoon food to be more fun than the average camping trip. Learn some campfire recipes like beef stew and chili. Bring a portable stove or grill to recreate your home-cooked favorites like mac and cheese or burgers.

Since this trip will be your honeymoon, recreate your big day with your meals. Enjoy a plate of tater tots covered in bacon bits and sour cream as a lovely reminder of your reception tater tot bar. Make s’mores if you had a s’mores bar or pizza over the campfire if you served woodfired pizza for dinner. You’ll relive your happiest moments through your taste buds and the laughter shared with each bite.


Smores Bar-Boulder Creek

Go Shopping Together

You may need specific glamping supplies you don’t already have. Use the opportunity to go shopping together before your wedding or honeymoon. You could plan new outfits for each of your glamping activities and stock up on essentials like medical supplies or decorations for your lodging.

Shopping is another opportunity to build your connection with your future spouse because it explores both of your interests. If shopping becomes date night, you’ll have more opportunities for time together throughout your married life.

PLAN FOR Your Trip Home

As you savor the wonderful moments of your honeymoon, consider the delightful details of your journey back home. Whether it's the cherished souvenirs from town or the fish you reeled in, these memories matter. If you're flying instead of driving, plan ahead to determine how much you'd like to bring back. This thoughtful approach ensures a seamless and enjoyable transition from your dreamy getaway to the comfort of your home. 


Couple hiking through a forest in the countryside

Enjoy Your Dreamy Outdoor Honeymoon

No matter how you define glamping, you and your future spouse are about to have an incredible trip. Plan details like where you’ll stay, what you’ll pack, and how you’ll spend your time. Your honeymoon will fly by and leave you with the sweetest memories.

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