COVID-19: Event Rescheduling. Your Essential Guide

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Date Posted: March 18, 2020

Due to the coronavirus crisis, social gatherings have been postponed. If you’ve booked with Wedgewood Weddings, we’re here to help make choosing a replacement event date as easy as possible.

Do We need to Postpone?

We’re providing recommendations about event postponements based on local ordinances and CDC guidelines. All advice is subject to change.

  • If your original event date is in April, then it's time to reschedule. All our venues are closed to protect our valued team members. We’re sure you want to keep your friends and family safe too.

  • If your original event date is in May, you have the option to postpone. It’s your call.

  • If your event date is in June or later this year, then we advise you to wait and not postpone. Nobody knows when social distancing guidelines will be relaxed.


When Should we RESCHEDULE?

During a time of nationwide confusion, it often feels like taking back control will be the best course of action. If your event is in spring 2020, then deciding now makes sense. Drop an email to your expert venue team and they’ll help you find a new date. If your event is later in the year, let’s wait and see – we hear from many couples that they would rather delay. Nobody wants to reschedule now and then find out it was unnecessary.

You might not know: 45% of planning for your event occurs well before the 3 weeks leading up to it, then the remaining 65% takes place and culminates with your wedding celebration! In the run up to your event, we’re liaising with you, suppliers, vendor-partners and making many, many orders, inquiries and plans on your behalf.


How Should We Choose Our New Date?

Lean on our team – they’re here to help you!

For all postponements, we’re as flexible as you need. You can choose any available date at any Wedgewood Weddings venue. Let your venue team know your preferred year, season and day of week, and they’ll work with you to lock in a new date.

Our team will pull out all the stops to provide you with date, time and venue options for your event. Throughout out this, they will be transparent and open when discussing prices so you can make a fully informed decision.

There is no set deadline pushing you to reschedule by a fixed date. You can wait a few months or even a few years if you want to press pause on your event planning. When you’re ready, we’ll be here to help you make it happen. All your payments to date will be converted into an equivalent credit and they will be kept safe for you.


Why Would We Switch Locations?

We’re offering you the chance to switch to any Wedgewood Weddings venue across the U.S., but you do not need to do this. We’re offering this option to provide you with the greatest choice. If you’re interested in an alternative venue, you can review venue images here. Our team would also love to provide you with a virtual tour – let us know if you would like to set up a video call to virtually explore a venue.  


When do We need to Confirm our Guest Count?

It has always been the case at Wedgewood Weddings that your guest count is finalized ten days before your event.  To help as we navigate the coronavirus crisis, we continue ask for your anticipated guest count ten days before, but we will also accept alterations up until 24 hours before your event. If your guest number drops by a few guests, then we’ll provide a refund for their meal.


How Is the Coronavirus Crisis Impacting Wedding Planning?

We recommend staying on top of all your wedding planning especially if your event is planned for this summer. The Stay-At-Home guidelines are great for wedding planning – likely you and your fiancé have time to work on how you would like your event to look and start working through all the tasks necessitated by planning a major event.

Although our locations are not open to the public due to the COVID-19 crisis, our expert teams are still ready and able to help you get a head start on your event planning. We can still answer questions and are happy to meet with you by phone or a video call. 

If you have already booked your event, we will contact you to schedule your planning session soon. Everything you can do by working with our expert coordinators now will help make your event stunning when your event date arrives!


Changes Made by Wedgewood Weddings to Protect Guests After the Crisis Clears.

Safety and sanitation are paramount.  You, your guests and our Wedgewood Weddings family of team members need to feel safe at your event. 

During the social gathering hiatus, we are performing deep cleaning at all our venues and have created new disinfection guidelines that will be upheld at every Wedgewood Weddings location. We will clean and sanitize all surfaces before and after your event. Our catering staff will wear gloves and change those gloves regularly. Upon request, or based on local ordinances, our team will wear facial coverings.   

We are diligently preparing in case of guest list restrictions and distancing restrictions as we navigate through the pandemic.

As soon as we have permission to fulfill events again, we will be ready to deliver outstanding experiences for you and your guests.


During the pandemic, all information is subject to change. The statements in this article are correct as of March 18, 2020.




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