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Ceremony Essentials: What to Consider

Ceremony Essentials: What to Consider

Do you need help creating your perfect wedding day ceremony? There are so many options!

Whether you prefer a traditional ceremony, or you’re taking a more modern approach to your union, there is a lot to consider like: officiant, decor, seating, acoustics, and so much more!

But, let's start by explaining a few of the ceremony styles you might want. 

Most people think when it comes to wedding ceremonies that there are two types to choose from – religious or civil, when in fact there are many more types that may better suit you and your partner’s needs.

Here are six different types of wedding ceremonies for you to think about:


If you practice your faith, and religion is a strong aspect of your life, it’s likely that you will want to get married in a religious ceremony. The majority of religions in Northern Ireland are licensed to conduct a religious wedding ceremony, which is also legally binding, but for some faiths you will need to check if you require a civil ceremony after your wedding day to ensure you are legally married. Most religions will require the couple to attend a form of couple counselling or pre-marital classes before the wedding can take place, as well as attending weekly religious services for a set period of time before the wedding.


If you and your partner have different religions, instead of getting married within a place of worship for just one, an interfaith ceremony allows you to celebrate both. A specialist celebrant can help you shape your ceremony to reflect both of your religions or cultural practises.


A non-denominational ceremony will mention God and reflect some religious spirituality but without alluding to any one God or religion in particular. This is a great alternative for couples who have a general religious or spiritual belief but who do not prescribe to one particular type of church or religion.


This is a non-religious ceremony that is conducted by a registrar and is usually held in a town or city hall, or any other place that is legally recognized as being able to hold civil ceremonies. There is usually minimal scope for personalization in a civil ceremony, such as writing your own vows or having readings.


Humanist ceremonies have hit the headlines recently due to them not being considered legal in Northern Ireland (you can still have a humanist ceremony but will need to have a civil ceremony before or after it to be considered legally married). Humanism is the belief that we can be good and loving members of society without needing to adhere to any religious codes, but simply following the strong moral codes of society. Humanist weddings are becoming more and more popular, as they ceremony focuses on the couple and allows for significant personalization.

To make one of the most significant moments of your life the most memorable dream ceremony, we have put together some questions for you to use as a guideline to help you decide on a ceremony that best suits your needs.

What type of ceremony will you have?
Traditional, religious, non-denominational, etc.?

Do you have an officiant?
Priest, rabbi, justice of the peace, or maybe a friend?

bride and groom at Wedgewood Weddings mom and dad give away bride at Wedgewood Weddings

Will you have a program for your guests?

What music do you want to be playing as you make your way down the aisle? 
Your Valservenience Director or DJ/musician can give you some tips when deciding on the best song for you to walk down the aisle.

Will you be writing your vows or going with traditional vows?

sand ceremony at Wedgewood Weddings Vellano by Wedgewood Weddings
dad walking bride down aisle at Wedgewood Weddings beautiful wedding ceremony venue

Do you want to take include a moment of remembrance for those who are not present?

Over the years, many couples have had a moment of remembrance for loved ones. Some couples have chosen a favorite photo and had it placed on a front row seat. Couples have also incorporated a dedication within the beginning of the ceremony. Including this within the program is a sweet and loving way to show acknowledgment for those you cherish.

Who will be walking down the aisle?
Your Valservenience Director can help you with this list and the order in which your wedding party should walk. 

Who will be responsible for the rings?
Traditionally, the ring bearer or maid of honor and best man are responsible for the safe keeping of the rings.

Will you have a unity ceremony? 
Unity candles, sand pouring, wine pouring, knot-tying, etc. are just a few unity ceremony options, but you can get really creative with this aspect of your wedding ceremony.

Will you have someone to greet guests and show them to their seats? Will this person also help direct people to the reception? 
A Wedgewood Weddings coordinator manages this portion for you unless you have opted for outside coordination services.

Let the team at Wedgewood Weddings handled the logistics of wedding planning

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