The Essential Guide: What Happens After You Sign

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Let’s face it weddings are a major budget expense but the joy of bringing your loved ones close at a spectacular event is an investment in love, family, and friendship. Wedgewood Weddings is the industry leader in providing tremendous value, service, and convenience and we want you to know what is involved in creating a custom romantic event. Let's run through some of the ways your wedding budget is applied in preparation for your big day.


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I like to equate a wedding to buying a house. While not nearly as expensive, the preparation and purchase of a wedding are in many ways analogous to purchasing a new home. Let me explain. The end goal is the white picket fence but getting there takes serious work. First, you need a budget and your must-have list. Then the lot, floorplan, and elevation must be chosen. Now you have a plethora of design details to finalize, paperwork to sign, and months of waiting while a team of experts gets to work on your dream home. It’s a lot of fun and hard work–and so is preparing for your big day. While the wedding is the final product, let’s talk about what happens along the way to make it sensational.

Keep in mind, Wedgewood Weddings is an all-inclusive experience, so we're much more involved than your average venue-only provider.

  • It’s all about curating your custom wedding. We help you with planning, ideation, organization, communication, managing agreements with vendors, and so much more. No need for the added expense of a wedding planner—our team of experts is here for you seven days a week.

  • We maintain the facilities to look just as good as the day you booked: Professional cleaning services, landscaping, repairs, and occasional venue upgrades are all included in our venue maintenance costs.

  • Things you may not know that are essential to your wedding day – our general overheads: rent, behind-the-scenes teams, marketing activity, trend analysis, and activity to remain thought-leaders on everything wedding-related, so you have the most cutting edge and professional team by your side.

  • Why is it better to choose Wedgewood Weddings rather than selecting a venue-only provider and individual/independent wedding vendors? We are able to pass along savings created through volume activities (flowers are less expensive, cakes are better quality, photo booths are top of the line, food is centrally sourced and high-quality, etc.) while you also receive personalized attention from your team of wedding experts and we all know: more heads are better than one.

  • Of course, there are meetings along the way with your expert venue team. In total, you will have at least five in-person visits with your dedicated team (personal consultation, booking appointment, wedding planning meeting, final appointment, and ceremony rehearsal), plus as many phone calls and emails as you need to feel good and ready for your big event.

  • What else are we doing? Constantly seeking new vendors to add enhancements, strengthening relationships with current vendors, improving our properties, and community outreach and partnership. We want to always be up to date on what’s happening at and near your venue so we can be prepared to act accordingly.

  • Specifically for you, we provide advice and guidance direct from your wedding planning team and our website. But we also support you in the form of your exclusive wedding planning guide. This binder is constantly reviewed and refreshed to make it a critical tool in your adventure to 'I do'. Packed with lists, timelines, and suggestions - we like to think of it as a wedding bible that holds all our experience in one easy-access location for you. 

  • Then there are the months and weeks leading up to your wedding day when our on-site team takes everything you discussed throughout the planning process and coordinates it with anyone and everyone who will be supporting your big day. This includes staff, suppliers, and vendors. We begin to place orders for your chosen food, beverage, linen, and décor items.

  • Finally, the wedding day is here, and everything we have prepared for takes form! Your assigned coordinator and banquet team are there to walk you through each step of the day. In addition, the team will set up your décor, direct your guests, and coordinate with your vendors. You are assigned a banquet captain who is your point of contact for the reception so you can focus on enjoying each moment with your friends and family.


Your team at Wedgewood Weddings spends a huge amount of time working with you over the course of several months (or years!) because we know that’s the experience every couple deserves. There is no greater feeling than to see everyone’s hard work come together at a wedding, and to take part in such a momentous celebration. It’s why we do it, and it’s what we love.



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