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Wedding Day Essentials Every Bridesmaid Needs

Wedding Day Essentials Every Bridesmaid Needs

The big day is set, and the bride is well off on her wedding planning journey. As the big day approaches, the bridesmaids have one final task: preparing the bride for 'I do!' Let's dive into everything you can do as a bridesmaid to make the bride feel calm and excited for her wedding day.

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The Essentials

A bridesmaid's role is to support and entertain the bride in the lead-up to her big day, anticipating her every need and bearing a significant responsibility to ensure nothing goes wrong. Here is a list of essentials every bridesmaid should remember before heading to the wedding:

Your Invitation

Although a bridesmaid may not receive a written or printed invitation from the bride, it is crucial to ask for one. If you're showing up to the venue without the rest of the wedding party, you'll find the invitation helpful for directions and occasionally as your ticket in the door. Some venues may require an invitation for entry, so having yours on hand won't hurt.

Timeline and Contact Details

Keeping a list of all the necessary contacts for service providers responsible for the wedding on your phone can be helpful; it ensures quick action if anything goes wrong. If you've been tasked with ensuring certain items or vendors show up at specific times, then having their contact information is incredibly important. Another important tip is to track the wedding's timeline and be ready to adjust plans to ensure everything runs smoothly and make the bride's special day enjoyable for everyone. A few essential vendors and contacts to keep on hand include the wedding coordinator, photographer, videographer, florist, and any other outside vendors.

The Bride's Phone

Now this one might seem a little off base, but trust us, the bride will thank you in the end. The last thing the bride needs to do is manage vendor calls, lost guests, or any other "emergency" that someone may feel the need to call the bride about. Keep her phone close by for selfies or any other fun items but remind her that any last-minute calls are your worry, not hers and that she should enjoy every moment of her day.

Wedding Gift

Whether it's something old, something new, something borrowed, or something blue, don’t forget the wedding gift amidst the rush of the wedding preparations. Bridesmaids are expected to give thoughtful gifts, as they often know the bride better than anyone and can select a gift that reflects her preferences and personality. 

Credit Card

Although it may not seem important, it's a good idea for bridesmaids to have their credit cards with them on the wedding day. Unexpected situations may arise, and having a credit card on hand can be helpful in quickly paying for services or purchasing needed items. 

Your Smile (Plus Best Dance Moves) 

The most important feature of any occasion is the gorgeous smile. Without it, the joy and bliss would never be complete; a smile is best, especially when caught off guard while showcasing those excellent skills in dancing.

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Fashion Must-Haves

When it comes to being a bridesmaid, looking your best is important. Some fashion must-haves for the wedding include a comfortable yet stylish dress or outfit, appropriate shoes for the venue, and accessories that complement the wedding theme. Apart from that, a bridesmaid should be well prepared about what she, other bridesmaids, or even the bride need on the wedding day.

Heel Inserts & Band-Aids

Fascinating for the eye, heels and pumps may be hard on the feet; a good bridesmaid should have solutions. All that dancing and all that preparing come at a cost; the hours may seem fast, but long are they for the delicate steps. Therefore, a bridesmaid can surprise besties with easy fixes, whether insoles or a simple deodorant; everyone will rest assured with the secret heel inserts and extra band-aids. 

The Right Undergarments

Every bridesmaid knows that a dress requires specific arrangements to pull off a distinguished look, and it simply cannot be that regular undergarments. For example, if the dress has a low back, a backless bra or a bra converter strap can help provide the necessary support while remaining hidden. Similarly, a plunge bra or adhesive cups can be a great option if the dress has a deep V-neckline. Also, checking with the bride to see if she has what she needs is a good idea. 

A Sewing Kit (For Anything!)

Mishaps can occur; no matter how hard we prepare, sometimes a tiny slip makes it through the cracks. From dress straps to hooks on a skirt, spare any embarrassment by keeping a sewing kit at hand. You'll not only save the day, but you'll get the party right back on track with room for dancing and laughter. 

Sunglasses (Plus SPF Stick)

Now, it's likely only recommended to wear sunglasses during the ceremony if it's part of the dress code, but every bridesmaid needs a pair of sunglasses for an outdoor wedding. After all of the pictures have been taken, pull out your stunning shades for some comfort. Not only do they perfect the look, but it is important to wear sunglasses providing comfort and UV-ray protection against the glorious sun. 

It is also necessary to wear sun protection to keep the natural glow; luckily, a tiny SPF stick will do the trick to protect and shine wherever you're not wearing a foundation with SPF. Some brands even provide an SPF stick that acts as a foundation that keeps the makeup intact while protecting the skin. 

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Beauty Must-Haves

Keeping some beauty essentials is critical to maintaining a photo-ready and comfortable look throughout the wedding day. 

Your Makeup Essentials

Throughout the party, some makeup retouches may be necessary. First, a translucent powder is key to keeping the makeup oil-free; pair that with a setting spray to secure the look. A tiny blush and some lipstick should do the trick.

Tissues & Makeup Remover Wipes

Whether it's a minor bit of running makeup or a case of allergies, tissues and a pack of makeup wipes for emergencies can save the day.

Tools and Dry Shampoo for Your Hair

One essential tool is a bobby pin, a lifesaver for quick fixes to keep hair in place without altering the hairstyle. Bobby pins can secure loose strands or pin back bangs that may have fallen out of place.

Another essential item for bridesmaids is dry shampoo. Especially for long wedding days, hair can become oily and limp, affecting the hairstyle’s overall look and feel. Dry shampoo is an excellent solution to refresh hair and absorb excess oil, leaving it looking and feeling fresh and clean.

Perfume and Deodorant

It's no secret that weddings can be a long and lively affair, and all that dancing and socializing can lead to sweating and unwanted body odor. That's why bridesmaids need to come prepared with both deodorant and perfume. When you take a moment to get away and refresh your makeup, pull out these essentials in a pinch and get back to the dance floor that much faster.

Hand Sanitizer (Plus Lotion)

When a meal or drink is served, hand sanitizer will keep the germs away and allow everyone to enjoy their delectables. However, a bridesmaid knows that hand sanitizer may cause some dryness and skin irritation, so a lotion will keep the hands safe and soft all evening.

Tweezers and Nail File

In haste, a fingernail could easily break. Still, a bridesmaid can rescue and fix the situation immediately before tending to the wedding by keeping a nail file on hand. Another handy item is a pair of tweezers for a final touch-up on the eyebrows or to catch a thread or alter minor details; there's no harm in having these close by. 

Breath Mints

During greetings or when interacting with people, brides may get nervous; an unknown fun fact is that breath mints are a quick hack to calm down an upset stomach. If the bride is anxious or a guest is upset, it’s a quick solution with two benefits. 


Emergency Must-Haves

One can always be careful; emergencies occur, and a fast response can salvage a situation. Here is a list that bridesmaids should have:


Think of it as a backup plan; carrying a tiny bag containing painkillers, allergy pills, and stomach ache relievers will aid any person in distress and leave a bridesmaid looking like a day's hero.

Feminine Care

No matter how hard the female plans and tries to keep things in order, an unanticipated precedent might happen, so having a few feminine hygiene products on hand are useful in case the wedding venue doesn't have any.

Eye Drops

A bride’s sensitive eye can get irritated and dry with all the bright lights and flashing cameras during the bridal party. But a witty bridesmaid always has a trick up her sleeve; an eye drop will bring back the sparkle and comfort the bride to go on about her day restfully. 


Enjoying an outdoor wedding? Whether you're encountering a drizzly day or a bright sunny day, a fashionable umbrella or parasol can be a statement piece that completes the look and keeps you dry or cool, given the weather.

A pair of scissors

And last but not least, a tiny pair of scissors for your emergency kit is a great tool to have on hand. Just in case alterations or a last-minute tweak are needed, having a pair can never hurt. 

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Day After Wedding Essentials

At this point, all of the heavy lifting has passed, and now you can enjoy the fruit of your labors with an extra happy couple. After the big day, it is customary to help with a few last items.

Assisting with post-wedding brunch

This could include setting up tables, arranging food and beverages, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly during the brunch.

Assisting with cleanup

Bridesmaids can help with packing leftover food, clearing tables, cleaning up the venue, gathering gifts, and ensuring everything is tidy and in order.

Assisting with thank you notes

Thank you notes can take quite a bit of time so offer your time to help write and send thank you notes to guests.

Participating in post-wedding activities

Depending on the couple’s plans for the day after the wedding, there may be other activities or events that bridesmaids may be involved in, in addition to the post-wedding brunch, the newlyweds may want to plan a casual gathering or a fun outing with their loved ones who are visiting from out of town. 


Now that you know everything you need to be the best bridesmaid possible, start making a list of everything you need and reach out to the bride to see if there are any other items to add to the list. The bride will thank you for all of your efforts to make her day a stress-free event.



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