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12 Tips to Take Your Honeymoon From Basic to Breathtaking

12 Tips to Take Your Honeymoon From Basic to Breathtaking

Picture this: golden sunsets over tranquil beaches, romantic dinners under the stars, adventures that get your heart racing, and quality time to relax in each other's arms. Your honeymoon is a magical once-in-a-lifetime adventure, so why settle for basic when you can have breathtaking? Make it a trip you'll cherish forever by intentionally crafting intimate and wow-worthy memories.  With a little planning and creativity, get ready to start your lives together with an experience that steals both your breaths away! This is your time to shine as a newly married couple—make the most of it!

happy young romantic couple in love have fun on beautiful beach at beautiful summer day


A honeymoon registry provides the financial means to do anything you want without breaking the bank. Give guests an option to gift you with funds for your chosen activities on the trip.

You can either send links so they can book parts of your getaway or list the amounts you need for the hotel stay, flights, or activities like a couple’s spa and a five-course dinner.

Perhaps you want to try honeymoon hotspots like scuba diving in Cozumel, Mexico, or experience the vibrant nightlife in Jamaica’s Montego Bay. Vary the prices so everyone can find an item that suits their budget — it could be partial payments of $25 or $50 toward something up to $200.

Keep your registry open past the wedding date so latecomers can still gift you last-minute surprises. That extra $50 may be just enough for an extra special something on your trip - a wish come true thanks to those who love you most.


Your chosen destination will have a prime time when everyone visits the area. Although it can be exciting with the buzz of so many people, it also means room rates are high and there’s more demand for certain activities and amenities.

Try booking your honeymoon during the low or shoulder seasons. You may get a complimentary room upgrade and experience the hotel’s luxury more peacefully. Booking in the off-season can also allow you to go to an all-inclusive resort for less. Hello sunshine, relaxation, and breakfast in bed!


If you’re flying late at night or your trip requires a long layover, make the experience more comfortable with lounge access. You can do this in several ways. Your credit card may have an option in its rewards program, or you may be able to include it when you book your flights.

You can also purchase an annual membership if both or one of you fly often or buy a day pass, first-class tickets, or elite status. Some lounges have extra amenities like spa packages or gaming areas to keep you occupied while you wait. You’ll feel much more relaxed with a bite to eat and a drink by the time you need to catch your flight.


For an ultra-indulgent honeymoon, charter a private jet and soar in the sky with luxury. You get personal space where you can enjoy your time in the air together undisturbed. You can also enjoy amenities like gourmet catering personalized to your needs and space for your pet if you want to bring them along.

Though an extravagance, private planes can ensure an effortless start to your trip. Considering travelers spend about 90 minutes trying to get through the airport before boarding, a private jet might be worthwhile to start your honeymoon. No lengthy lines or boarding delays - just direct, delightful transport into your honeymoon happiness. Either way, embrace the excitement as your journey together clears the runway and then cruises seamlessly toward adventure!


New hotels can be a win-win for honeymooners seeking luxury on a budget. A new hotel is more likely to give you an upgrade or extra benefits since it’s trying to build a loyal customer base. Look for places in your chosen destination and check if they have anything special for new guests.

When you book, give it about three to six months after the hotel’s opening date. It may need to work out the kinks and ensure everything runs smoothly. Before booking, call to confirm all desirable amenities, from room features to on-site offerings, will be available during your stay.


Choose extraordinary lodging for a honeymoon to remember. Unique hotels present an experience that’s luxurious and unusual. Stay in the shire at Trout Creek’s Hobbit House and get a giant cookie baked with fairy dust.

Book a grand fairytale palace with a rooftop pool in Copenhagen’s Nimb Hotel. You can even cruise without the seasickness at Sun Cruise’s On-Land Cruise ship or sleep with fish in an underwater room at the Manta Resort in Zanzibar.


Your newlywed status can get you extra benefits you may not have access to otherwise. Some concierges will put in extra effort to make your honeymoon special. It can be anything from champagne when you arrive to a romantic candlelight dinner to a complimentary room upgrade. If they don’t offer, ask. They may have specials or benefits reserved for honeymooners like you.

Mention it’s your honeymoon when you book activities. You’ll be surprised how much people are willing to make your trip extra special.


Maybe your partner’s love language is acts of kindness and service. Your honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your love with a surprise you know they will enjoy. Plan a mystery date at a restaurant they’ll love, or ask the hotel if there are any special places like a courtyard, poolside cabana, or private beach where they can set things up for you.

Provide clues throughout the day to build excitement. It could be notes left in the bathroom or their luggage hinting at the date. Then, at sunset, take them to the location and romance the night away.


What better way to get your adrenaline pumping than with your partner on your honeymoon? When choosing your destination, see if there are any activities you can do together that are on your bucket list. Maybe it’s snorkeling or kayaking in crystal clear waters. Find out what you both want to do and plan these excursions for your honeymoon.

It’s a great way to celebrate and strengthen your bond as a couple. Doing exciting things together can also increase relationship satisfaction and enhance your connection.


Make every part of your trip special by upgrading your car rental. Upgrade to a spacious luxury vehicle that suits your activities. You may want a sturdy SUV that can withstand rough terrain if you’re visiting a ski resort or a sports car if you’ll mostly be cruising in the city with your partner.

Rent a dream car you may want to buy someday, like a Corvette or Porsche, and take lots of photos of yourselves driving in style. Your honeymoon is a time to go all out and live the fantasy.


Nothing says “we’re on our honeymoon” like cute coordinated outfits. Embrace the cliche and get matching swimsuits or a dress that matches your partner’s shorts. It’s a surefire way to let people know you’re on your honeymoon without saying anything — which may get you some complimentary extras.

If obvious matching is not your thing, go for subtle details like shoes or accessories that match your partner’s clothes. Remember to take pictures of it all, so you have memories to reminisce about your time together in the future.


Make your memories last forever with a vlog. It doesn’t have to be Youtube-level filming, just capturing moments throughout your trip like a walk on the beach, an adventure you took together, or the sunset gracing your romantic dinner. A few years from now, you can look back and reminisce about your first trip as a married couple.

You could also collect items to make a time capsule when you return. A postcard from the destination, rose petals from the flowers in your hotel room, and letters to each other are great mementos.

happy young romantic couple in love have fun running and relaxing on beautiful beach

There are countless ways to boost your honeymoon from ordinary to extraordinary. By incorporating these tips and ideas, you can design a romantic escape that reflects your shared interests, passions, and dreams.

Whether you indulge in luxurious accommodations or seek adventures, remember that the memories you create matter most. Cherish each moment, celebrate your love, and embrace the joy of starting your life together as newlyweds. May your honeymoon set the stage for a lifetime of happiness and adventure.

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