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How Tech Can Make Your Relationship Stronger

How Tech Can Make Your Relationship Stronger | Wedgewood Weddings

Did you find love after swiping right? It's no surprise that more and more romantic relationships begin through the use of technology. A study conducted at Stanford University reported that around 40 percent of couples now meet online. It’s wonderful to see that so many are able to utilize technology to find the love of their life.

Of course, too much use of tech can block deeper connections. However, when used correctly it can continue to help your relationship grow. So we’re going to look at the way you can continue to use technology to help you and your partner get closer, happier, and more fulfilled in your relationship.

Increase Your Communication

It’s a good idea to be conscious about how you use your tech. Instead of mindlessly scrolling throughout the day, use your device to send a message to your partner or have a quick video chat when you get a spare moment.

Send a Quick Text

Prior to what feels like an infinite stream of apps, we used tech in our smartphones to send texts to one another. Despite all the social apps available, messaging apps still have value, and the likes of WhatsApp and iMsg are fantastic tools for communication. 

Sending a message can be as simple as letting them know you’re thinking of them or you sharing a video to brighten their day. Actively showing they’re in your thoughts and not being pushed to one side by social media or other distractions will go a long way in your relationship.

Make Time for Video Chat

During the work day, utilize today’s video calling technology to keep your bond strong. Apple now offers Shareplay. With Shareplay you can embed videos and music into FaceTime calls. 

While nothing can replace enjoying your favorite flicks and songs together in person, using this feature is a good way to ensure too much separation doesn’t materialize while you're away from the home, especially if you or your partner travel a lot for work.

If you don’t use Apple’s technology, Google Meet allows you to screen share your device, allowing you to see what the other one is viewing. Unlike with Apple, this can be used for stream sites like Netflix and any other website you’re viewing on your device. Who says you can't Netflix and Chill from another state?

Technology and Relationships-3

Add Some Healthy Competition

Competition in a relationship can be a good thing; it encourages both partners to push themselves. Two great ways to do this are through fitness trackers and by playing games.

Track Your Fitness

With today’s tech wearables and apps, there’s no shortage of options available when it comes to measuring activity and setting goals. Many of today’s apps allow you to share your analytics with others. 

While your goals don’t need to be identical, you can measure success by seeing if you’re both reaching your intended activity goals. Coming from a place of encouragement, this can be a good way to show support for your partner while motivating them with your own performance. If you're aiming to tone up or increase your stamina before you say 'I do,' you can also use your fitness trackers to get you wedding day ready. 

An article published by Psychology Today shows that “a growing body of evidence suggests that couples who sweat together really do stay together.” Joint activity and goal sharing were found to improve attraction and bonding, as well as improve the health of both partners. Today’s technology is useful for promoting fitness and allowing you both to track your progress.

Play Some Games

If you’re stuck for things to do and would still like to utilize technology, then playing video games has been shown to strengthen relationships, so it may be time to get the Playstation out. However, if you find that competition is adding stress to your relationship rather than zest, consider swapping to games that have you working together as a team.


Make the Most of Apps

The app world has several tools that are specifically designed to help strengthen your relationship with your partner. Just about every relationship-building app you can think of is available, from ways to arrange dates to help with getting your life in order. That’s because, beyond dating sites, people recognize that it’s important to work on a relationship, even after you’ve found your perfect match. Below are some apps worth checking out.

Use Apps for Tasks

The way couples approach everyday tasks is important for longevity. Whether it’s managing a home or planning a wedding, good communication, and doing your fair share are essential to a healthy bond. 

Merge is an app that’s been optimized for relationships. It allows you to share shopping lists, bill reminders, and all the other monotonous but necessary tasks you need to keep life in order. There’s also a status update tool and messaging app so you can share some cuteness throughout the day, making those everyday tasks feel a little more romantic.

Try Apps for Dates

No matter the stage of your relationship, dating is an essential part of connecting with your significant other. Those who have been together for a while may feel like they’ve done it all but that’s where today’s technology can help you.

Cobble is one of the many apps that has many date night suggestions. It uses the same model as popular dating apps, so you and your partner swipe right on date ideas that you like. Once you both match on an idea, you make reservations or buy tickets directly inside of the app. It’s a great way to save time and it also helps keep your dating life fresh.

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Explore Apps for Intimacy

Romantic intimacy shows up in different ways, from a light touch to passionate encounters between the sheets. Without conscious effort, intimacy can become stagnant, especially for couples who are still together for a long time. 

Coral is an intimacy app that uses science to explain desires, while also offering suggestions on how you can spice things up in your sex life. It’s not all about sex; it includes other activities, for example, looking into each other's eyes for a set period of time.


Recognize If Technology Is a Problem

While you can utilize today’s tech to improve your relationship, there’s still no denying it can be a problem for many couples. Honest and open communication between you and your partner will serve you well, and if one or both of you believes tech is getting in the way of your bond, then make space to discuss some potential solutions. 

The good news is that you can use technology to actively bring you closer together in the real world - by limiting your tech time.

Monitor Screen Time

Today’s operating systems allow you to monitor your screen time, whether it’s on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. If you feel you’re both spending too much time looking at your screen - instead of into each other's eyes - use the Screen Time app to set screen time goals and to program prompts for when it’s time to put your device down.

Block Access to Tech

If you struggle to step away from technology or simply want a digital detox, especially while you're planning your wedding, then you can use apps that can help you reduce your screen time. 

Freedom and ColdTurkey offer both desktop and smartphone apps. They allow you to block distracting sites or totally shut down your access to the internet for a period of time. Once enforced you can put your device away and use that time to connect with your partner.


Relationships are great but ebb and flow with complex challenges. Those who succeed in long-term relationships recognize that there needs to be active work to improve on what’s already a beautiful bond and technology shouldn't get in the way of that. With the suggestions above, we’re confident you can strengthen any stage of your relationships. It’s important to remember that today’s technology is only an assistant, none of it will make your bond deeper without you putting in the work.

So use technology wisely, and ensure it doesn’t override the true foundations of a strong relationship: real-world connectivity. If you do that, you’ll see your bond continue to blossom.


Guest Contributor: Mauricio Prinzlau Guest Contributor

Mauricio Prinzlau is the CEO and Co-founder of Cloudwards. He is at the helm of the company and steers a team of editors, writers and designers from all around the world.

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