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An Interview With Shy Heart Studios Photography

An Interview With Shy Heart Studios Photography

Meet our friends at Shy Heart Studios, wedding photography experts in Orange County, CA. This fantastically warm and friendly team of professional photographers has been working with our Wedgewood Weddings couples for years! We had the pleasure of catching up with them to talk about their experiences working as a preferred vendor with Wedgewood Weddings couples! We hope you enjoy this insightful Q&A . . . 


Bride and Groom - Univeristy Club - Irvine, California - Orange County - Wedgewood Weddings


Are there different styles of shooting couples? What are some trends that you are seeing?

Absolutely. Each couple is unique and we tailor our photography style on a certain level, to fit the couple. If we have a couple who is full of energy and excited to be photographed we match that excitement with a style that really showcases them. If we have a couple who is mellower and low-key when it comes to being photographed, we emulate that in their photos. We do our best to capture the varying personalities of our couples. We even match our photographers with our couples based on their personality style to really further these goals.


What's your favorite part of the wedding day?

We love photographing the bride and groom getting ready, and of course, their “romantics” (bride & groom portraits) whether in a first look or after the ceremony, or both! These are the segments where our unique style really shines through.


Are there certain shots you like to capture most? 

We love to capture the moments no one else sees; the little things like a stolen kiss on the cheek during a toast, or the quick nose nuzzle shared during romantics. It’s the moments between the moments we really love. While we excel at directing our clients in a very natural way, they often surprise us by adding their own twist and we love being able to catch that.


Bride and Groom at Wedgewood Weddings



Do you have a favorite Wedgewood Weddings location to shoot couples?

We love each Wedgewood Weddings venue for various reasons. Each property is so unique, and each has its own little golden nugget where we always get our best photography work!


What can a Wedgewood Weddings couple expect when they meet with you for the first time? What do you like to know about your couples before you shoot them?

They can expect to begin an instant relationship with us and more often than not, a friendship. We pride ourselves in being able to connect with each and every couple and having them truly feel that we are there to serve them and make sure their day is captured as perfectly as possible. We always like to know how our couples are feeling. Whether they are excited, calm, anxious, etc. It helps us to facilitate the next moments when we understand how you are feeling and can work to either encourage it, or adjust it so that you can relax.


Bride and Groom - Indian Hills - Riverside, California - Riverside County - Wedgewood Weddings


What do you like about working with Wedgewood Weddings?

The staff! No matter which Wedgewood Weddings property we are on we know we are in good hands and working with team players. Everyone has the same goal – to serve our couples—and when we are working with Wedgewood Weddings, we are all one flawless unit.


Do you have any funny or interesting situations that you have experienced?

There are too many to list! One of our recent favorites was a Halloween wedding where guests were given the option to wear costumes. That, in and of itself, was very unique! But what’s more, is there was a guest who came and sat near us as we were changing lenses and just started doing yoga. We literally turned around and this older gentleman was laying on the floor in the happy baby pose RIGHT next to us. He also turned out to be the most epic dancer of the night.


Our preferred photographers are not only experts at photography but experts at our venues! Because they shoot at our locations so frequently, they're extremely familiar with our venue and staff, which means you get all the benefits of a photographer who knows how to work with your venue and capture all the best features and beautiful elements of your surroundings!

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