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Meet Sarah, SoCal Wedding Expert

Sarah Aguirre - the right team, the right structure, and the right location to thrive.

Ever wondered what it takes to break into the wedding world? Sarah’s here to tell you about her personal journey, in her own words. From extra special moments to why buffet is best, Sarah has found the right team, the right structure, and the right location to thrive.

How I found Wedgewood Weddings

It was May of 2021, I was moving to a new city and ready to look for a new position. I knew it had to be in the events industry, and I needed to find the perfect culture fit. I found Wedgewood Weddings and read through the positions available, having heard about this company for years and how unique and inclusive their packages were. 

Now was the time to apply and see where it took me. Within a few weeks, I had my new title: Catering Manager for San Clemente Shore by Wedgewood Weddings. I knew this would be an adventure, but I didn't know then how much of a positive impact this company would have on me.

My Journey So Far

After accepting the position, I had to learn everything that came with it. I learned how to read banquet event orders, about the space, and, most importantly, what makes us unique. Coming from the bustling downtown San Diego scene, the quiet beach town of San Clemente was a huge change of pace. I learned about the new clientele and what made them want to get married at my new venue. It was such an experience to not only have a drastic change of scenery but also work for a company that brought everything to the client. I had a fantastic vendor team behind me and the confidence that they would execute my client's vision flawlessly. After getting my footing, I soon got to learn the ins and outs of Wedgewood Weddings and was able to teach newer team members how to execute weddings the Wedgewood Weddings way.

Once I could confidently provide service expectations to my clients and my team, I had the opportunity to advance to my current position: ValSerVenience Director. This position is one I truly cherish. It perfectly balances being a leader and the ultimate team player. I'm expected to bring value, service, and convenience to clients and team members alike. Overall, it is one of my proudest accomplishments, as seen by my teary acceptance of the position. I'm honored to hold this position through Wedgewood Weddings.

What This Journey Has Taught Me

Coming into this position, I had several years working with wedding and event services under my belt, but the culinary aspect was foreign to me. In previous event roles, catering was brought in, and many different companies were in and out of our kitchen. 

When I joined Wedgewood Weddings, I quickly learned that we prepared everything fresh at our in-house kitchen at San Clemente Shore. I learned about food and pairings and am now the biggest buffet fan! I also learned how to best serve our clients and successfully complete 230 events in a year. It has been a whirlwind experience, and I love that we can provide delicious meals to thousands of guests a year.

My Favorite Moments

Throughout my career with Wedgewood Weddings, I have had so many moments that I look back on with a smile. Many of them involve my team members and bonding because we always lean on each other. My favorite is when we're trying to find solutions, and AHA!-inspiration strikes. Sometimes, the problems seem too big to handle, but we always find the right solution at the moment.

Other moments are the times with my clients! I have had so many clients where I'm blue after the wedding day passes because we're no longer working together. One particular moment stands out, we had a client who was intensely, incredibly IN LOVE with his bride-to-be. They had been together for decades and had a meaningful special song. Years back, she had the singer record a version dedicated to him. The bride wanted it as their first dance, but the groom had other ideas. In a fun ruse, he sadly claimed he couldn't find the song but instead surprised his bride with a special appearance by the singer live and in person on their wedding day.  The singer flew in from Connecticut, and we timed the double doors to swing open as the musician strode out perfectly. In a memory I will cherish forever, there was not a dry eye in the house.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I cannot imagine a better company to work for in the best industry. We're a critical part of people's happiest days, and we create magic. I've never been more delighted to be part of a well-oiled machine than I am at San Clemente Shore by Wedgewood Weddings.

Wedgewood Weddings is the best choice for anyone who wants the most worry-free wedding planning process. I hope you enjoyed following this journey with me, and I'm excited to see what more this company has in store for me.


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