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Moms and Weddings

Moms and Weddings

Bill Zaruka, CEO


I see all sorts of amazing families, each with their own interesting dynamics. I’m always fascinated to see the relationships between mothers and their engaged sons and daughters when it comes time to plan a wedding. Sometimes Mom takes a back seat and watches proudly as her child selects the elements of his or her dream wedding, but usually Mom sits in the front seat—and occasionally she takes the wheel. In each of these situations, though, she’s not there to make the planning process difficult—she’s just trying to make sure that her baby has the most spectacular day of his or her life.

From the moment her child is born, Mom dedicates herself to creating the best possible life for her daughter or son. Ensuring his or her happiness is Mom’s most important goal, so when it comes to planning a wedding, she will do whatever it takes to ensure it’s incredible—which puts her under a lot of stress.

Brides- and grooms-to-be have their own niggling anxieties on their road to the aisle:

  • “Will the best man say something embarrassing during his speech?”
  • “What if I trip as I’m walking down the aisle?”
  • “Should I have chosen red instead of yellow for the bridesmaids’ dresses?”

And Mom has hers, too:

  • “Will he support her dreams?”
  • “Will she love him unconditionally?”
  • “Will they be good parents?”

Sometimes Mom’s fears manifest into taking control of something with an outcome she can impact—usually the wedding. Patience is the key to maintaining strong relationships through the process. Go easy on Mom. She’s not getting involved to make things more difficult—she’s doing it because she loves you so much. And with her by your side, your wedding will be more meaningful than you’ve ever dreamed.

This Mother’s Day, I’d like us all to remember that love and support that our moms never stop giving, and to say thank you. I know that I have two amazing moms to thank today: my mother, who did all of the right things when raising me, and my wife, who is raising four kids with unconditional love and selflessness.

Happy Mother’s Day to the special moms in my life, and to all the incredible moms looking after their kids at every age!

Bill's Family - sister; Stacy, Dad; John, Mom; Linda, and his wife; Jenn!

Bill's Family - sister; Stacy, Dad; John, Mom; Linda, and his wife; Jenn!


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