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18 Inspirational Feel Good Ideas

18 Inspirational Feel Good Ideas

Today, we're sharing our favorite simple moments to help you feel good. Put your feet up as you decide which of these fun ideas will help make your day feel 10% better... or get inspired and make your loved one, a colleague, or a stranger's day a little more lovely with an act of kindness! 

Feeling good is all about relishing the little things that make us smile and feel good. While being in love or heading off on vacation are big moments, our day to day is made up of countless smaller instants that help you feel good, even if you're just topping up an already high happiness meter.

A new survey reveals that it's the simple things — like the sensation of the warm sun on our faces — that really make us feel fabulous.

Close up Happy Sweet Young Couple at the Living Room Showing Heart Shape using Hands and Smiling at the Camera.

Our low key (but proven) happiness ideas:

  1. Sleeping in a freshly made bed
  2. Discovering a dreaded task is actually easy!
  3. Feeling the sun on your face
  4. People saying "thank you" or a random act of kindness from a stranger
  5. Snuggling on the sofa 
  6. Freshly made bread
  7. Doing something for others
  8. Someone thinking to bring you a drink
  9. Hearing your favorite song 
  10. The smell of fresh -cut grass
  11. Getting back indoors after a walk/jog/run and feeling good that you made the effort
  12. Waking up before the alarm and realizing there’s more time to sleep
  13. Spotting a rainbow
  14. Remembering the name of something/someone you thought you’d forgotten
  15. Popping bubble wrap
  16. Getting the car washed (just us who love the drive-through experience?)
  17. Catching up on your emails
  18. Deciding to create space for me-time

There are always actions we can take to amp up our good vibes. look for a few of these and you're guaranteed to give your day a little boost.

Happiness is a 'now' thing! Create extra happy moments in your day - every day!



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