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What to Wear: Men's Wedding Attire Style Guide

What to Wear: Men's Wedding Attire Style Guide

No matter what pronouns you use, wedding attire is all about feeling your best on the most special, jovial day of your life! The key to choosing the best formal or semi-formal wear options for your wedding day is to make it match your style and personality. From suit and tuxedo styles and alternative formal-wear options to accessories like cufflinks and dress socks, this style guide will help you match your inner-self to the perfect wedding outfit. Let's get started!


if you're pretty traditional

You know you're traditional if you wear a tuxedo to formal events, open the door for others, have a relatively simple (but functional) wardrobe, and work a 9-5 office job. Does this sound like you? Then a full tuxedo is perfect for you! Show off a bit of personality through a colored tie or pocket square and other accessories. If you love the idea of a classic tuxedo, but prefer a brighter aesthetic, a light-to-medium grey is a perfect nod to the traditional style, with a modern edge. 

A classic suit chosen by Russell for his wedding at Ocotillo Oasis


if you're traditional, but with a big personality

Time to break out the bow tie! A traditional, yet expressive look is all about the accessories. Accessories like ties, bowties, pocket squares, socks, boutonnieres, ties, tie bars, and yes, cufflinks. These accessories are a great way for grooms and groomsmen to add personality to their look. Plus, cufflinks make a great gift for the groom or groomsmen.

Quirky Wedding Attire With Bowtie at Boulder Creek
add some panache with fun, quirky accessories | boulder creek


if you're a bit goofy

Go for bright blue! A bright navy or blue is the perfect color for a young, modern groom with a goofy side. It's classic enough to be timeless, but modern at the same time. It looks beautiful paired with light pink, deep maroon and sage green. With a bold color like this, you'll be most comfortable with a suit. Accessorize with a traditional tie and pocket square.

Bright Blue Wedding Suit at The Retreat
a bright blue suit makes a playful statement on your wedding day | the retreat


if you're super fancy

Nothing says upscale romance on your wedding day like a classic black and white tuxedo, complete with a simple black bowtie. Round out the look with perfectly-shined black dress shoes, argyle socks and some beautiful cufflinks. 

Groom's Party In Classic Black Tuxedos at Jefferson St Mansion
a formal black-tie tuxedo is perfect for a fancy wedding day | jefferson street mansion



if you're kind of hipster

So what does hipster wedding style look like? It's a mix of classic elements (suit jackets, tie clips, suspenders) with clean, modern lines and tight tailoring. It's young and playful, with a nod to the traditional and we're totally here for it! Swap out the vest for some nice satin suspenders, and shorten those pant legs just enough to show off your patterned socks. 

Hipster Wedding Style at The Orchard in Menifee, CA
share your hipster style with fun details like suspenders | THE ORCHARD

if you're a hopeless romantic

No color palette quite says romance like navy blue with accents of white and pink. It's the perfect blend of masculine and feminine, traditional and modernwith just a hint of whimsical. Add a slim solid tie, or a color-coordinated tie with a floral pattern. 

A romantic wedding at Galway Downs
this classic blue and white suit is perfect for a romantic wedding | galway downs

if you're a rule breaker

Do you love breaking the rules, questioning societal norms, and paving your own path? Let that shine on your wedding day by incorporating one simple detail that screams rule-breaker. For a formal or semi-formal wedding, we love swapping your fancy dress shoes with a clean pair of sneakers. Bonus: you'll be comfortable as ever for a night full of dancing with your new sweetheart. 

Groom With Wedding Sneakers at Ocotillo Oasis
this classic blue and white suit is perfect for a romantic wedding | ocotillo oasis



Your wedding day is all about you (and your other half) so make sure that your wedding attire is comfortable and customized to you! There really is no wrong choice when you're spending the day celebrating your love with your forever partner in crime.

What is YOUR wedding style?

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