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10 Hair Extension Tips to Create a Gorgeous Style

10 Hair Extension Tips to Create a Gorgeous Style

Creating a new hairstyle is fun and lets you demonstrate your personality. While you can create a unique style for your wedding in plenty of ways, one great option is using hair extensions.

They're a great way to enhance your look, whether you're wanting added volume or added length. But the important thing is making sure they look seamless with your natural hair. Refer to these hacks to make your extensions look as natural as possible.

1. Braid Your NATURAL Hair Before Putting in the Extensions

Unless you already have long hair and are just using extensions to add volume, it's easy for your shorter hair to push out from them. This makes it more evident that you're using extensions. To combat this, braid your shorter, natural hair first.

Grab the bottom layer of hair at the nape of your neck. After you braid it, wrap it around itself so that it lays flat against your head. Use bobby pins to hold it in place. Then, attach the first extension right above where you pinned your hair. After you connect the rest of your extensions, let down your hair, and the results should look much more natural.

Create your gorgeous wedding hairstyle by using extensions

2. Sleep with Your Hair Extensions in a Ponytail or Braid

Whether you use clip-in or tape in hair extensions, you want to make sure that you sleep with them in a braid or ponytail. The reason is that extensions don't absorb the oils from your scalp as much as your real hair does. As a result, they can tangle much easier.


3. Proper Storage Is Important

Knowing how to wear hair extensions isn't enough. Proper storage keeps them looking great for a long time. One option is to dedicate a dresser drawer to organizing them safely. However, the best option is to buy a hair extension storage pouch that you can hang. Can't afford a storage pouch? Use a silk pillowcase to store your extensions. This material is fine enough that it won't damage or tangle them.

Wedding Day Hair Extensions for brides with Wedgewood Weddings

4. Style Your Extensions Before Attaching Them

When learning how to wear hair extensions properly, you'll discover that it's easier to style them before you attach them. The ideal way is to hang them on a hair extension hanger.


5. Wash Your Extensions

Of all the hair extension hacks, this is one of the most important. Remember to wash your hair extensions from time to time. Styling products, dust, oil, and other debris build upon them, resulting in dull-looking and smelly extensions. When you wash them, use a shampoo and conditioner that's sulfate-free. Otherwise, you could cause damage.

Choose a matching (or contrast) hair extension color

6. Attach Your Extensions Upside Down with a Ponytail

Are you thinking of wearing a ponytail and want to know how to blend hair extensions into it? One hack is to attach them upside down. Doing this ensures that the extensions lay flat and don't create bumps when you pull your hair into a ponytail or any other updo.


7. Back-Comb Your Roots to Prevent Slippage

For people with thin hair, it can be hard to get extensions to stay in place. Before you put them in, use a teasing brush to back-comb your roots. During this process, use some dry shampoo to give your hair a bit more hold and texture. Then, fasten the extensions as usual. They should stay in place all day.

Care for your extensions so they look good for wear after wear

8. Stack the Extensions to Save Room

If you have a small head, it can be hard to learn how to blend hair extensions so that they look natural. However, one hack is to stack two of the extensions together. This gives you a lot of volume without taking up a lot of real estate. Also, it speeds up the application process. Just don't stack more than two together because they might get too heavy.


9. Use the Right Brush

Brushing your hair with clip-in or tape-in hair extensions can be difficult. The reason is that traditional brushes tend to pull at the roots, which often pulls out extensions. Instead, buy a hair extension brush. It will have little looped nylon bristles that won't pull or snag the extensions.

Bland your extensions with your natural hair

10. Air-Dry Your Hair

Finally, never use a hairdryer. Blow-drying not only damages your real hair but also microwaves extensions. If you must speed up the drying process, use a hairdryer with the heat settings turned off to prevent damage.


Extensions are an investment. So, make the most of it with proper care and attention. After all, they're doing you an amazing favor by helping you look (and feel) your best on your wedding day!

Style your natural hair and your extensions to create the best look!


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