On-Trend Suit Ideas For Your Groom & Groomsmen

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By Deidre Drewes


While often more understated than that of bridal trends, grooms and groomsmen have always found a way to add a hint of flair to their wedding attire. From suit and tuxedo styles to accessories like cufflinks, the details help make for a dapper groom’s party. Take a look at some of the latest groomsmen trends that will add an extra level of sophistication to your wedding day.

A classic suit chosen by Russell for his wedding at Ocotillo Oasis


The pressure is on to look your best on your wedding day. So let's start with a potentially quiet  complement to your sharp haircut: Accessories like boutonnieres, ties, tie bars, and yes, cufflinks. These accessories are a great way for grooms and groomsmen to add personality to their look. Plus, cufflinks make a great gift for the groom or groomsmen.

PalmValley-Groom-2016-WedgewoodWeddings Cufflinks
The groom's Accessories are the place to add panache, have fun, or make a statement! 


Brocade Suits

Brocade is a type of fabric weave that creates a raised pattern or embellishment often using a metallic thread. Brocade suits are the latest trend for groomsmen attire, with dapper grooms adding patterns like paisley as a unique accent. For the groom who likes to stand out, brocade is a distinctive way to add some pop to your wedding.

Brocade suit jacket for grooms
Brocade Suit Jacket - Express


Black brocade suit with purple accents

black brocade suit with purple accents | a wedgewood weddings' groom


Colored Suits and Tuxedos

A pop of color isn’t reserved just for bridesmaids! From deep jewel tones to pastel hues, grooms and groomsmen are increasingly opting for colored suit options. Burgundy and emerald suits are a growing trend among groomsmen, as are pink and navy. For grooms opting for a colorful suit, try adding in a hue that is complementary to your wedding color (ex. emerald + gold or navy + yellow) or a tint variation of the primary wedding color (pastel sage + deep sage).

Colored groomsmen suit in mint green
Mint Green Suit - Asos


Velvet Suits and dinner jackets

Velvet suits bring a whole new level of sophistication to groom and groomsmen attire. For a bold pop of color, consider a mustard velvet suit. For a more traditional aesthetic, a deep navy with black accents is a great option. Pair a velvet blazer jacket with black slacks to create a refined, dapper look for both you and your groomsmen.

Blue velvet blazer for grooms
Velvet Blazer - Tommy Hilfiger


Patterned Ties

Patterned ties are a great way for grooms and groomsmen to incorporate a theme into their wedding day attire. For superhero-loving grooms, an Avengers-themed tie is a fun way to subtly express their personality. Patterned ties can also incorporate aspects of the wedding theme - including florals, book references, or magical elements (ex. Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter).

Avengers and Black Panther patterned ties
subtle Superhero Ties - Hot Topic



Loafers are a style of shoes that easily slip on without requiring the need to tie any laces. Often made of leather or suede, loafers are sleek and sophisticated and sometimes include embellishments like a buckle or tassel. Loafers are also versatile in that they can be worn with or without socks - with the latter option being the more dapper and minimalist variation. Loafers have become an increasingly popular trend among dapper grooms and groomsmen.

Men's leather loafers for grooms and groomsmen
Men’s Loafers - Cole Haan



What are your favorite fashion and attire trends for the modern dapper groom? An on-trend look can be a suitable choice for every age and style of groom - whether you love a vest, want to add sneakers, or feel like a cane is just right - play with accessories and create a groom's wedding day look all your own! 

Have Fun With Your Wedding Look - Daniel Wen's Wedding at Tapestry House by Wedgewood Weddings
Have Fun With Your Wedding look - Like Daniel at his Wedding at Tapestry House, CO



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