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What to Gift Newlyweds - 18 Great Ideas

What to Gift Newlyweds - 18 Great Ideas

18 great newlywed gift ideas to make your life easier. There's a lot of pressure to find the best gift when friends and family get married and with so many gift ideas to choose from, it can be challenging to narrow down your options. If you're going to attend a wedding soon but still need to figure out what to give, this article is ideal for you. Here, we've listed 18 of the best and most unique gifts you can give to newlyweds. Use this article as your guide to ensure a hassle-free gift-buying process.

1. Passport Holder

Consider giving passport holders to adventure-seeking newlyweds. This gift is customizable, meaning you can have it engraved with the couple's names and initials. You can even pick the color of the passport holder to better suit the couple's personality.

Passport holders keep the couple's passport safe and within reach to ensure convenience during their trip. And because they're customizable, the couple will have another reason to show off their journey on social media.

2. Trip to Key West, Florida

Does the couple love to travel and try out something new together? Consider paying for their trip to Key West. This wedding gift will surely relieve the couples' stress after the wedding!

Pay for Key West Yacht Rentals for the couple, book a tour for them on Wild About Dolphins, or let them enjoy the Key West Seaplane Adventures. Key West offers plenty of activities and attractions to keep newlywed couples busy!

3. Cookware Set

A cookware set is an excellent gift for couples who love cooking or want to learn how to. This gift will help them set up their kitchen in their home in no time!

Depending on your budget, you can give an 11-, 13-, or 14-piece cookware set. Remember to compare the materials, as well. Aluminum is excellent at heat distribution, stainless steel is known for its durability, and nonstick cookware ensures easy cooking and cleanup.

4. Lamps and Lighting

Every newlywed will need lamps and lighting in their home. It's a practical gift as the couple uses it for different purposes in various indoor areas.

Lightings come in different designs, so choose one that matches the design or color of the couple's home. If you want this gift to be placed in the couple's bedroom, don't hesitate to ask them about the ambiance they want to create; this will help you pick the proper lighting for the couple.  

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5. Coffee Subscription

For couples who love to start the day with a cup of Joe, surprise them with a coffee subscription as your wedding gift. It's a great option regardless of the couple's location.

Coffee subscriptions are convenient as coffees from different roasts and regions are delivered to the couple's doorstep on schedule. It also guarantees an entire supply of coffee at the couple's home — something that'll help them start their day with a smile!

6. New Pillows

Wedding planning is a marathon with so much to complete before the big day. Let the newlyweds experience the ultimate sleep luxury by giving them high-quality pillows. These will help them fall asleep faster and replenish their energy after the wedding.

When choosing the type of pillow to give, compare various fills. Down pillows are the fluffiest and cheapest, while memory foam pillows are designed to provide that supportive fill. Consider latex pillows, too — they're squishy and bounce back faster.

7. Essential Oils

Help the newlywed couple relax in their own home by giving them essential oils. Essential oils offer many benefits: improving mood, sleep quality, and job performance. It also helps kill bacteria and viruses present indoors.

If your budget allows, consider pairing the essential oils with a diffuser. Diffusers help fill the air in a room with the scent of essential oils. As a result, the couple gets to enjoy a calmer, pleasant-smelling ambiance in their home.

8. Portable Pizza Oven

The newlyweds will no longer have to order takeout or leave home to enjoy pizza; a portable pizza oven is an original gift, allowing them to enjoy pizza at home, anytime.

A portable pizza oven is also a great addition to the couple's outdoor space. This appliance allows them to bake pizzas within minutes and cook other food, like chicken wings, spare ribs, meatballs, fajitas, and more!

9. Concert Tickets

Is the couple's favorite artist or band coming to town soon? Concert tickets are foolproof wedding gifts that will make the newlywed happy. It'll also encourage the couple to let loose and have fun, just like when they were still dating.

Give the tickets as a surprise by putting them in a massive box for misdirection or hiding them inside a small helium balloon and letting the couple pop it. The more effort you put into hiding those concert tickets, the more surprised the couple will be!

10. Picture Frames

The couple likely hired a wedding photographer to capture every single detail of the event. Ensure the couple will remember these photos forever by giving them picture frames.

Picture frames are timeless wedding gifts that enable the newlyweds to preserve memories. They're versatile and come in different sizes, colors, and designs. Plus, they're available almost anywhere and are generally cheap.

11. Personalized Memory Box

Personalized wedding gifts have become more popular today. Hop on the bandwagon by giving a customized memory box to the newlyweds. The couple can use this to store memorable photos, ticket stubs, and other sentimental trinkets they share throughout their relationship.

You can find a handful of stores and sellers who personalize memory boxes. Make sure to engrave the couple's names and wedding date on the box to make the gift more sentimental.

12. Portable Hammock

Encourage the newlyweds to spend more time outdoors by giving them a portable hammock on their wedding day. Hammocks now come in various sizes, including one big enough to fit two adults, ideal for snuggling outside!

This gift idea is also excellent for couples who plan to start backpacking after the wedding. Plus, it helps with insomnia and lets the pair enjoy a deeper, longer sleep.

13. Pocket Watches

For a unique and sentimental gift, give pocket watches to the newlyweds. Have a short message engraved on Dalvey's customizable pocket watches to tell the couple that you care about them and are always ready whenever they need help.

Pocket watches come in various styles, so that you can choose one ideal for the couple. This variety also makes finding a pocket watch that suits your budget.

14. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Save the couple the stress from fighting about whose turn it is to clean by giving them a robot vacuum cleaner. The couple's home will be spotless within minutes as a robot vacuum cleaner cleans hard-to-reach places and different surfaces.

When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, consider the noise level, battery life, and home mapping features. You want to give the couple a gift that performs well and lasts long.

15. Bath Accessories

The couple will start and end their day inside their bathrooms — how it looks and feels will affect their mood. Help the newlyweds transform their bathroom into the most relaxing space at home by giving bath accessories.

Consider giving soap trays, bath pillows, waste baskets, lotion dispensers, or toothbrush holders designed for two. These items are not only valuable and decorative, but they're also affordable.

16. Microwave Oven

Married couples often rely on easy-to-prepare meals, which is why a microwave oven is an excellent present. With this kitchen appliance, the newlyweds can prepare different dishes regardless of how busy they are during the day.

Adding cookbooks with microwave oven recipes can take it up a notch. This gift combination will keep the couple's stomachs and hearts happy for years!

17. Plants

Plants symbolize new beginnings, which is excellent for newlyweds about to start their new life together. If you want your gift to bring good luck to the couple, choose to give bamboo. According to Feng Shui practices, bamboo is the luckiest to have at home as it brings peace and energy to the household, along with luck, love, and wealth.

Ensure that your gift looks appealing by placing it in a colorful pot. You can even personalize the pot with the couple's initials, names, or wedding date.

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18. Gift Cards

When in doubt, give the newlywed some gift cards. This gift idea will surely be a hit as it enables couples to buy any item they want from a specific brand. Some of the best gift cards you can give to couples are those from Brooklinen, Amazon, or Best Buy. You can also give Netflix or Airbnb gift cards.

Besides being versatile and convenient, gift cards make great wedding gifts, especially if the couple lives far from you. Pay for e-gift cards, send them to their inboxes, and let them use their gifts to pay for items they want to add to their homes or experiences they want to share together.

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3 Tips for Gifting the Best Wedding Present

The average cost of a US wedding is $27,000 as of 2022, so gift-giving is a huge way to thank the newlyweds for inviting you to their big day. Look at the tips listed below to help you give the best wedding present.

Shop Early

Don't wait until a week before the wedding — always shop early for gifts, especially if you're on a budget. When time is on your side, you can quickly check the couple's gift registry and visit several online and physical stores.

Plan Your Budget

Come up with an amount you can comfortably spend for a wedding gift. Use your budget as a benchmark for what you should give the couple. You may want to spend a lot on a gift, but couples often add various gift options, allowing guests to choose what is best for their wallet.

Pool Your Resources

If you have friends or family members attending the same wedding, pool your funds to purchase bigger items. An all-expense paid trip to Key West, Florida, or an annual coffee subscription can be budget friendly if you give the gift as a group.

Think About the Couple

The key to finding the ideal gift for newlyweds comes down to the couple's personality and interests. Think about some gifts twice before purchasing, consider the couple's interests, and use that information to identify the best wedding present for them!

♥ ♥ ♥

Now you're ready to start the hunt for a great wedding gift! From practical to sentimental, these gift ideas will surely delight the newlyweds you are celebrating. So start shopping, grab the gift wrap, and grab a gift receipt (just in case you and Aunt Dolores both spring for the same toaster), and know that whatever you get the newlyweds, they will appreciate your efforts to celebrate their special day!


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