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Have you Heard of Kissing Balls?

Have you Heard of Kissing Balls?

First - what is a kissing ball, AKA pomander? It's a ball or sphere of flowers designed to look pretty and smell great! 

Pomanders were traditionally made with perfumes and used to lessen bad smells to ward off bad spirits. Nowadays, they can be made of fresh or artificial flowers, and pomanders are a beautiful design highlight in many weddings. Wedding pomanders are traditionally used as decor and hung from wedding arches, backs of chairs, over door knobs, and also ends of pews or aisles. The most common use for the pomander is as an alternative and sweet way for the flower girl to carry flowers. It can hang from her wrist when small bouquets are hard to carry.


During the Middle Ages, country dwellers would wind together twine and evergreen branches into a ramshackle sphere shape. In the center of this collection of evergreen branches and twigs, they would place a clay figure of an infant to represent the baby Jesus. 

red black Wedgewood Weddings ceremony


These "holy boughs," as they were called, would be hung from the ceiling along passageways in castles and big houses to render blessings and good luck to all who passed under the bough and the holy infant.


Over time, these kissing balls developed into a new meaning of love, affection, charity, piety, and more. Now, the kissing ball now symbolizes romantic love and is very popular in wedding ceremony décor and holidays.

gorgeous Wedgewood Weddings ceremony décor

We have gathered a collection of these unique and beautiful aisle ornamental kissing balls.


The one is made with pink and white colored carnations and baby pink roses and hanging by a light pink ribbon and a shepherd's hook. This is a very sweet color combination that our couples really love.

Wedgewood Weddings ceremony aisle décor


These kissing balls are classic and chic with an all-white floral arrangement of white hydrangeas and gerbera daisies.  The final statement piece of the kissing ball is the navy blue bow and ribbon.


These make for a bold statement and are another favorite by our couples. The rose petals lining the aisle also add an extra touch to your love story wedding.


These all-white rose kissing balls are so fragrant and beautiful. These give your guests a light rose scent and are absolutely lovely for an aisle décor piece.

ceremony aisle kissing ball


These large shepherd's hooks hold large hot pink kissing balls of carnations. This color represents compassion, nurturing, and love. Pink is feminine and romantic, affectionate and intimate, thoughtful and caring. These are a favorite of ours! We love when brides use bold or bright colors in their color schemes.

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