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Meet Boulder Creek's All-Star Team

Meet Boulder Creek's All-Star Team

Located in the foothills of Colorado's majestic Rocky Mountains awaits the scenic Boulder Creek by Wedgewood Weddings, one of Boulder's most beloved wedding venues. This stunning venue has played host to many incredible weddings with its idyllic mountain setting and world-class Boulder wedding planners.

But what does it take behind the scenes to consistently deliver memorable weddings at this premier venue? Today, we’re sitting down with the talented on-site team to learn their best tips on Boulder, Colorado wedding planning! Meet the passionate wedding specialists who coordinate dazzling celebrations at this sought-after venue, learning all the best Boulder wedding ideas, their insights on planning a mountain wedding, memorable trends they’ve produced, and of course - what makes Boulder Creek such an incredible place to say "I do."

Through an inside look at this talented group’s experience crafting weddings in the Boulder area, gain exclusive event planning expertise directly from the source. We welcome you to dive into this Q&A with Megan, Alex, and Meghan to hear these amazing Boulder wedding planners’ insights!

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Megan, could you tell us about your journey into the world of wedding planning?

It must have been fate that I stumbled into my role at Boulder Creek. I started as a server while I was attending college. I quickly fell in love with the fast-paced environment and began banquet captaining. I loved my team and making people happy, so I decided to pursue a career as a Boulder wedding planner with Wedgewood Weddings. Eventually I transitioned into the planning office - surprise, surprise I really love doing that too! I've been here for over three years now and am so excited to keep growing and making people happy!

We're certainly glad to have you on the team! What’s something about working at Wedgewood Weddings that surprised you?

This job has definitely made me a softie! I really love our couples, and I would be lying if I said I have never cried during a ceremony!
What's the most valuable piece of advice you've received in your career? 
Don’t just meet expectations - exceed them. Being a part of this team makes you quickly realize that just checking things off your checklist is not doing this job the right way. I always love making a couple’s wedding day extra special by making sure they have everything they need. For example, if a couple forgets to bring their welcome sign, I will try to design one on Canva and print it out for them. Small touches like that always stand out and make our couples feel extra taken care of!
It sounds like you really work well with your team. Can you share a story where your team really pulled together to solve a challenge?
During our largest event of the year, we also had the one of the biggest rainstorms! This storm came out of nowhere -  it was basically a wall of water that poured right as the ceremony was supposed to start! Luckily, every single person on our team jumped right in - we all worked together to close the pavilion to make sure the reception space wasn’t effected. Once the rain had stopped, we all laughed because we were all dripping wet! But the guests were so appreciative to our team for pulling together so quickly! 

Wow! Nothing like a surprise rainstorm! Speaking of rain - what's a common question that you can answer for everyone right now?

Being a year-round venue in Colorado, we will always have a backup plan and work with the weather! It's a key part of Boulder, Colorado wedding planning. We will leave it up to the couple to decide what they want to do in inclement weather. Even if it's blizzarding outside and they still want the ceremony outside, we will do everything in our power to make it as comfortable and dry as possible. Our couples' vision is our priority! 

Creekside ceremony underway with snow - Boulder Creek by Wedgewood Weddings

A snowy and beautiful Creekside ceremony

What makes Boulder Creek such a wonderful wedding venue?

How adaptable it is! Whether you want to go for a more rustic theme or a more classic and elegant vibe, it is really easy to use your décor and color scheme to fit any aesthetic!
That versatility is so valuable for couples looking to put their unique stamp on their big day. How do you best guide clients through the planning process to help make those dreams a reality?
We really value our couples' visions and ideas, and love bringing their unique inspirations to life. As wedding experts, we also provide thoughtful guidance to make sure all the special touches seamlessly come together. With so many gorgeous trends on social media, some may prove challenging for real-life execution. So we always want to help guide our couples to thoughtfully refine any ideas while still incorporating that Pinterest-worthy aesthetic. 

What’s a beautiful wedding moment that you'll always carry with you?

This couple meant so much to me because I did every single meeting with them from their first tour to sending them down the aisle. They're from Texas and were really hoping for snow on their wedding day - and they got it! When they came in for their rehearsal, they were so excited as it was blizzarding. The bride even had these adorable boots that left smiley faces in the snow as she walked. On their wedding day, I could see how in love they were. He sang to her as she walked down the aisle and he was AMAZING! It meant so much to me that I was able to help make their day amazing. 

Couple frolicking in the snow - Boulder Creek by Wedgewood Weddings

Megan's snow-loving Texans!

Thank you so much, Megan! Up next, we have the pleasure of chatting with the incredible Alex. She's the wonderful manager-in-development, bringing her talents to the Boulder Creek venue team.

Alex, what led you to a career in wedding planning?

Planning my cousin's wedding was when I discovered my love for Boulder, Colorado wedding planning. After her event was over, I was the one with the post wedding blues, ha! I knew then that I was meant to be in the wedding industry.

It's so meaningful when a single event awakens your passion like that special day did for you! What aspect of wedding planning now makes you smile day in and day out?

After a big planning meeting, I love seeing couples' faces of relief and excitement. There's no feeling like watching them take in all the details of their big day and seeing it come to life. I love seeing it all come together.

Are there any current wedding trends that you’re particularly excited about?

So many! I love when couples have a themed dress code for the guests because it makes the photos so aesthetically pleasing. I also love when couples do a first look and private vows. It's a private, intimate moment for our couples and I can't wait to incorporate it into my wedding some day. A local trend here in Colorado that we love is couples having their ceremony on top of the mountain and then afterward skiing down with all their family and friends. It's such a cool and unique thing to do with guests!

The Colorado vibe lends itself so well to those mountainside celebrations! What makes Boulder such a wonderful wedding destination?

Location, location, location! There are so many fun Boulder wedding ideas. With so many activities in Boulder alone, family and friends can make a whole vacation out of coming to town. Guests will not be bored or struggle with finding something to do. On top of that, the views are incredible! With a combo of forest and mountain views, there is truly something for everyone.

Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado

The iconic Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado

Thank you for that delightful chat and insider insights, Alex! Now let's hear from another talented team member - the lovely Meghan. Take it away, Meghan! 

Meghan, what do you love most about being a wedding planner?

Oh, there are so many things! We truly have such a rewarding job getting to be a part of people's most important day of their life. I’d have to say the best part is seeing everything come together after all the work we’ve put into planning. Nothing beats seeing the smile on couples' faces when they see their vision come to life. The most rewarding thing is making them happy!

It's so heartwarming you get to play a role in the happiest times of couples' lives! Are there certain special qualities in clients that make your job even more enjoyable?

The biggest quality that I appreciate as a planner is pure excitement! There’s nothing better than chatting about wedding details with a couple that can’t wait to get married. It’s so sweet to be a part of their excitement! I also love when our clients put their trust in us as the experts. We will always give advice based on what we have seen works best. So if we suggest a different approach, it's because we want everything to go off flawlessly. Finally, transparent communication is key. We pour so much care into bringing their dream wedding to life, so having all the need-to-know details allows us to fully support them. Whether changes, questions, stresses or something entirely new arises, keeping an open dialogue with the planning team allows us to tackle any hurdles and ensure we meet every want and need! 

What’s your go-to activity when you're not planning incredible weddings?

When I’m not planning weddings, my go-to activity is exploring Colorado! I love hiking, rafting, tubing, horse-back riding, going to various farmers markets, fishing, and camping. We’re so lucky to be in Boulder because there’s always something to do and see!

Flatirons as viewed from Chautauqua in Boulder Colorado

Beautiful views from Chautauqua Trail near Boulder Creek

It sounds like you know all the best local spots! Out of everything Boulder Creek offers, what's your favorite place onsite?

I love our Creekside ceremony space! It is so dreamy and gorgeous year-round. I love how the rushing water creates a relaxing background noise and an unforgettable backdrop. It also doubles as the perfect place for photos, regardless of where your ceremony is held!

For those just engaged, what key piece of advice would you give them?

The first piece of advice I'd give to newly engaged couples is to pick your venue first because that may affect all your other vendor decisions and décor concepts. The second reminder I have is that ultimately, this is your day and it's about the two of you. It's very sweet family and friends want to share their input, but their ideas may not fully align with your vision. Don't feel pressured to incorporate every idea. Your wedding should be about you and your partner above all else!

Great priorities to start them off right! Last but not least - what’s your top tip for couples on their actual wedding day?

My #1 tip for couples on their wedding day is to just enjoy! We are there to coordinate everything, solve any problems, and take the stress off their shoulders. We are professional problem-solvers and will always act in the best interest of our couples. Also, at this point we know the details of the day like the back of our hand! So, the biggest thing for couples to remember is that WE’VE GOT YOU! Don’t lose focus from being present and enjoying the day by stressing over things that we are taking care of. Remember that the most important thing is that you are marrying your best friend and don’t let anything distract you from that!

Couple kissing by creek in fall -Boulder Creek by Wedgewood Weddings

One of the many gorgeous photo opportunities at Boulder Creek

Our exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse at the amazing team at Boulder Creek unveils just how much passion and dedication fuels wedding magic here. Megan, Alex, and Meghan gave us an insider's view of how they work harmoniously with couples to make their Boulder wedding ideas a reality. If Boulder Creek's beauty is calling, connect with this incredible team of Boulder wedding planners to bring your vision to life!



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