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Aaron & Lynnea's Colorful Wedding at The Carlsbad Windmill

Aaron & Lynnea's Colorful Wedding at The Carlsbad Windmill

The wedding story of Aaron and Lynnea is full of twists, turns and surprises, but the best surprise of all was announced during the wedding reception (spoiler alert!). These two love birds brought a blizzard of love and energy to this event from the moment they walked in the door. We loved working with these two and it was such an honor to help them bring this day to fruition. We're also forever thankful to the homemade candles that Aaron gifted us! We hope you enjoy this stroll through memory lane!


Newlyweds Kiss - Aaron & Lynnea's Wedding at The Carlsbad Windmillaaron & lynnea share a romantic kiss on their wedding day


"Having the opportunity to work with Aaron and Lynnea was nothing short of amazing. In fact, the entire bridal party was a joy to work with - their excitement to celebrate this special day was evident to all in attendance. It's a great reminder that weddings are really all about who you share them with. This wedding day was truly very special!"
- Sydney, The Carlsbad Windmill


the bridal party

The happy couple truly surrounded themselves with an amazing crew of friends and family to support them on their wedding day. The excited, giddy energy from all of them before the ceremony was palpable. An extra special detail that we just loved was seeing Aaron's father stand next to him as his best man. So, heartwarming!

The Bridesmaids - Aaron & Lynnea's Wedding at The Carlsbad Windmill
lynnea's bridesmaids looked absolutely angelic in this deep shade of red

The Groomsmen - Aaron & Lynnea's Wedding at The Carlsbad Windmill
aaron's groomsmen stood proudly by his side on this special day


"I love shooting this venue! The indoor ceremony site is light and airy with the most stunning chandeliers hanging from the vaulted cathedral ceilings. It's so beautiful."
- Andrea Cleghorn, Cleghorn Photography


the wedding ceremony

The bold red and blue color palette struck a strong contrast against the expansive white ceremony space - in the best way. Simple florals along the aisle and dramatic white drapery set the scene perfectly. The ceremony was short and sweet and just overflowing with joy. 

Bright & White Ceremony Space - Aaron & Lynnea's Wedding at The Carlsbad Windmill
the modern cathedral was adorned with simple rose arrangements

A Bright & Bold Wedding Ceremony - Aaron & Lynnea's Wedding at The Carlsbad Windmill

aaron & lynnea exchange vows under the modern chandeliers

Ring Exchange - Aaron & Lynnea's Wedding at The Carlsbad Windmillthe bride's brother did an excellent job of officiating

Just Married - Aaron & Lynnea's Wedding at The Carlsbad Windmilljust married! a kiss between newlyweds


"One of the things I love about this venue are the ample photo opportunities. From the nearby beach to an open-air courtyard, to the grassy lawn and gazebo, you have multiple backgrounds to work with. I'm also quite fond of the industrial stairway and of course the iconic Windmill at the top of the structure. I never run out of places to shoot here!!!"
- Andrea Cleghorn, Cleghorn Photography


THE bride & groom

We love how the photographer, Andrea Cleghorn, used all angles of The Carlsbad Windmill to create stunning and diverse wedding portraits. These are just a few of our favorite shots from their wedding day.

Bride & Groom In Front of The Carlsbad Windmill - Aaron & Lynnea's Weddingthe bride & groom in front of the iconic windmill

The Happy Newlyweds at The Carlsbad Windmill - Aaron & Lynnea's Wedding
the sweet bride and groom look stunning against the glowing chandeliers

Bride & Groom Kiss In The Ceremony Chapel - Aaron & Lynnea's Weddinglet the fresh air flow on your wedding day

Bride & Groom Kiss On The Industrial Staircase - Aaron & Lynnea's Weddingwe love when couples decorate the stairs on their wedding day


"The best part of the wedding was during the shoe game when the bride and groom announced they were expecting their first baby to an astonished crowd! How exciting!"
- Andrea Cleghorn, Cleghorn Photography



There's nothing quite like a wedding reception that doubles as a pregnancy announcement party. The happy couple waited until their thank you speech to deliver the happy news to their guests. What an amazing way to end the day!

A Beautiful First Dance - Aaron & Lynnea's Weddingthe happy couple enjoys a romantic first dance

The Infamous Shoe Game at The Carlsbad Windmill - Aaron & Lynnea's Weddingthis was one shoe game these lovebirds will never forget

Check out what the photographer had to say about working with our team and tasting our [very delicious] food. It's truly the highest honor to hear such a compliment!

"The Wedgewood Weddings team was such a pleasure to work with. They were extremely accommodating to whatever I needed, and as a vendor, that makes my job so much easier. And the best part? The food was phenomenal. It was perhaps the BEST wedding food I have ever had!"
- Andrea Cleghorn, Cleghorn Photography

The menu for the evening was a mixture of our most popular hors d'oeuvres and entrees. From the Pork Belly BLT Crostini to the Cremini Mushroom Chicken Marsala, the meal options for this wedding were a perfect fit for the colorful celebration! 

  • fresh sliced fruit with honey yogurt dip  
  • bacon wrapped wild scallops
  • pulled pork canapés with pineapple salsa   
  • sweet & tangy bbq meatballs
  • cremini mushroom chicken marsala  


A Champagne & Cider Toast From The Sweet Newlyweds - Aaron & Lynnea's Weddingcheers to the happy couple!


We want to say THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this day a resounding success for the happy couple! Cleghorn Photography did a beautiful job of capturing brilliant photos and we can't thank her enough. And of course, our forever gratitude goes out to the venue team, led by Banquet Captain Sydney Herd, who made sure that everything ran smoothly behind the scenes.


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