Wedding Guest Q&A - Summer 2020

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August 1, 2020

If you're planning to attend a wedding in 2020, it makes sense to find out what to expect and how you can stay safe. Read through this wedding guest FAQ to learn about how our team at Wedgewood Weddings are complying with Covid-19 advice. 

How do you assure social distancing?

  • We ask your host to provide a seating chart that seats family or close friends together. Tables are typically six to eight people and no more than ten depending on county guidance
  • We set tables ten feet apart (normally five) to assure there is plenty of room between each table
  • All ceremony chairs are well spaced out, or assigned just like your dining tables 
  • Bar lines, buffet lines and common areas all have floor markings to help with physical distancing

Do I have to wear a mask?

  • Each state and county is different. We encourage masks when indoors and when you are not able to social distance. Local ordinances requirements may be different and these tend to change often. Take a look at your county's website shortly before the wedding to check local advice.
  • Our team members will wear a mask at all times.  We also ask that you wear a mask when interacting with our team at the bar or buffet line.
  • You do not need to wear a mask while at your table eating and drinking.
  • Face coverings for the wedding procession/party and formal pictures have not been advised by any counties as far as we know.

How is food served safely?

  • We no longer offer self service appetizer or buffet stations. Our staff will serve you safely.
  • We follow all local guidelines for restaurant food service. 
  • Certain displays such as cupcakes, donut walls, and candy buffets are now modified for our staff to serve you.
  • Our team will wears masks and gloves while serving you, and we'll safeguard food with a display screen. 

How do you clean and sanitize?

  • Our entire venue is sprayed with a commercial grade sanitizer that is also safe for food establishments. All surfaces, tables, floors, chairs, etc. are sanitized between events and appointments.
  • We have a sanitation captain at each wedding that regularly cleans high-touch areas like door handles and the bar. This activity is fully documented.
  • We have numerous sanitation stations for dispensing hand sanitizer any time it's needed or desired.

How do you monitor the wellness of your staff?

  • Each day our team takes a wellness test and logs their temperature. Staff health is tracked in a proprietary app. Only staff who are happy and healthy will be working at the event.

Is dancing safe?

  • We encourage dancing within households only.  There is plenty of room to spread out as we've expanded our dance floors for your convenience.
  • Some counties require masks while dancing.
  • If you do not feel comfortable on the dance floor, you can dance by your table, or off to the side. Find a place that works for you.
  • Regrettably, anyone who didn't dance previously is still unlikely to break out their Fred Astaire feet!

Can I have fun?

  • Of course! Safety and fun can easily happen at the same time. In the 200+ weddings we have hosted over the past few months, people have raved about the experience, saying this is exactly what they need in their life right now. 
  • Our team will be diligent behind-the-scenes to prioritize safety and sanitation throughout your event.
  • Precautions are taken, but joy and smiles are welcome!


We hope this answers your questions but, if you have more, your event organizer probably has the answers that are specific for you. We take health and safety extremely seriously and want you to feel good about attending a social gathering. Being invited to a wedding is an honor: You're loved by the couple and they want to celebrate with you! We hope that you can attend. 





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