Fun ways to Style Your Seating Arrangements!

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Coordinating the guest list and determining how to seat people can be tricky. But the final product doesn’t have to be!  Along with your wedding theme, you probably have a style in which you would like to show your guests their seating arrangements. We have collected a few ideas of ways our couples have done this!

Take a look at some of their clever ideas!

seating chart display at Wedgewood Weddings window pane seating chart at Wedgewood Weddings

Vintage frames used for your guests’ table locations are so cute and very easy to replicate! All you need to do is sort through your guests’ locations, organize them by the table number or name, and place into a frame of your choice! How simple is that! We love it!

Keep it traditional but personalize your guest cards by designing your very own with their name and the location of their table!

Wedgewood Weddings escort table display printed escort cards at Wedgewood Weddings
rustic seating display at Wedgewood Weddings wedding seat display in frame at Wedgewood Weddings

This couple got super crafty and created a table of fun for their guests! Picture frames of you and your fiance, family photos, social media instructions with unique hashtags and accounts, alongside your seating instructions is so cheerful, delightful and quite possibly humorous! We know your guests will enjoy it!

Looking for a rustic or vintage style? Cover a regular cork board with burlap material, grab some twine to string up your seating cards, and use clothespins to post their seating locations! This is a great do-it-yourself project and very to easy to do!

Using an old window and a white paint pen, write your guests’ seating details and put it on display!



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