Saluting the Brave in Our Community!

Giving Back to First Responders in Ventura County


Wedgewood Weddings is rooted in Ventura County, and we love to give back to our community whenever we can. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new offer for our local first responders!

When eligible couples book their event at Sterling Hills or Pacific View Tower Club by Wedgewood Weddings, they’ll receive $750 in ‘Wedgewood Weddings Cash’ to help them enhance their big day!


“At Wedgewood Weddings, we love Ventura County and appreciate every moment of hard work from first responders and their families. After multiple devastating events, we want First Responders' weddings extra special. We all rely on these local heroes to help make our lives better” Bill Zaruka, Wedgewood Weddings President


This is our way of saying thank you to the tireless work of all types of first responders like:

• Police Officers

• Sheriffs and Sheriff Deputies

• Correctional Officers

• State Troopers

• Career & Volunteer Firefighters

• EMTs & Paramedics

• Federal Law Enforcement Officers

• 911 Dispatchers

• First Responders' Families & Loved Ones


Extending the Offer to First Responders' Families

We appreciate the heroic endeavors of first responders to keep our communities safe. Moreover, their families unstintingly support them. That’s why it’s so important to everyone at Wedgewood Weddings to spread the love to First Responder families as well. We’re extending this offer to everyone whose immediate family involves first responders – whether it’s a mother or father, a sibling, or even a child, a First Responder connection gets you $750 ‘Wedgewood Weddings Cash.’

Ashley Hood, local General Manager at Sterling Hills by Wedgewood Weddings, explains: “first responders achieve all they do because of their supportive families. That’s why we knew we had to include them in this appreciation program – they may be behind-the-scenes, but we all know they’re vital for our community.”


Thank You to Our Local Lifesavers!

In 1986, Wedgewood Weddings was born in the heart of Ventura County and immediately began our efforts to make planning a special event simple and easy. In the past 30+ years, we’ve grown to be the nation’s largest wedding venue operator and the leading expert on how to plan stress-free weddings! We’ve always supported our Ventura-area community and this is the latest in a series of initiatives to give back to the people who helped us from the beginning.


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