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5 Wedding Favor Ideas for a Safe & Healthy Celebration

5 Wedding Favor Ideas for a Safe & Healthy Celebration

As states reopen and social calendars begin to fill back up following COVID-19 stay-home orders, health and safety are still a top concern for many. Couples with upcoming wedding dates may be seeking out the best way to proceed with previously scheduled nuptials while still keeping family and friends safe. If you’re looking for a fun way to make health a priority at your wedding, check out these thoughtful safety-first wedding favors your guests will love!

Personalized Hand Sanitizer

Even before COVID-19, hand sanitizers made for a useful party favor for wedding guests. Even after your wedding day, guests can keep hand sanitizer party favors accessible in their purses, cars, etc. for cleaning hands on-the-go. Hand sanitizers are available in a variety of bottle shapes, as well as in liquid and gel form, making them easy to customize to match your wedding aesthetic. 

Hand Sanitizer: ModParty on Etsy


Personalized Tissue Packs

A group of misty-eyed guests is a sure-fire sign that you've planned a beautiful wedding. Rather than reaching for the communal tissue box to dry those happy tears, you can provide your guests with personalized tissue packs that are disposable. When it comes to wiping one's face, single-use tissue packs are ideal.

Personalized Tissue Packs - EtimaStore on Etsy



Emergency Kit Party Favor

While emergency kit party favors are a popular staple for bachelor/bachelorette parties, they can also be customized for wedding party favors. Many pre-packaged hangover kits include items like aspirin and band-aids, which can come in handy after a night of drinking. You can create your own kits using a combination of health-conscious elements, like Emergen-C, a pen for your guest book, a wineglass namer, disposable face masks & gloves, and hand sanitizer.

emergency party favor kit
Party Favor Kit: Hangover Kit Shop on Etsy

Drinking Glasses with Chalk Labels

Accidentally drinking from someone else’s glass is never fun - especially in the wake of COVID-19. Individual drinking glass party favors are a great way for guests to keep track of their cocktails while having a cute gift to bring home. For a rustic touch, mason jars can be customized with chalkboard labels while guests can choose from flowerpots filled with chalk colors. For a more sophisticated touch for your rehearsal dinner or per-wedding bridal party drinks, multicolored chalkboard paint can be applied to wine glass stems - creating a fun and functional DIY party favor.

chalkboard wine glass DIY
Chalkboard Wine Glass Tutorial: Myers Maison


Personalized Face Masks

While wearing a face mask is optional if you're a wedding guests, providing personalized masks to celebrate your wedding day can help guests feel more comfortable sporting a face covering if they so choose. Add your wedding hashtag or a funny saying and your wedding date to the mask to commemorate the event. Plus, your photographer can snap some great shots of guests wearing their matching face masks!

spread love not germs face mask etsy
Wedding Face Mask: Everyday Bestday on Etsy



Want to learn more about how the team at Wedgewood Weddings is operating safely in the wake of COVID-19? Head over to our coronavirus resource page to learn more. 

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