Romantic Reds

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Signifying love, passion, and romance, the color red creates a very emotional response. Red is classically chic, distinguished, and a simply stunning wedding color. Using red as your main color, or even just a splash of red throughout your wedding is sure to create a dramatically gorgeous effect.

A beautifully styled three-tired cake trimmed with black ribbon, red rose petals and diamonds scattered atop a clouded black satin linen will capture the attention of your guests! This cake table is exquisite.

Pairing a bright shade of red with an ivory or creamy white creates a classic, almost vintage look that any antique-chic enthusiast could easily incorporate into their wedding details. This combination photographs well, and this style will always be relevant!

red roses for wedding table centerpiece decorated red and black wedding cake table


When pairing with a subtle red shade, you an always add textures to give your wedding theme a final polished look. Textures can really enhance a style and make it unique and personal to you.

Glam up your dramatically romantic centerpieces with red roses and dazzling silver candelabras!

red theme Wedgewood Weddings party

When working with reds or other vibrant colors, its great to choose colors that compliment each other. Taking color samples and comparing them will help you find the perfect red for your special day!

Create a romantic ceremony with red roses petals scattered along your aisle! Ask your Valservenience team about petal design examples to give you inspiration!



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