How Wedding Insurance Could Save You from a Major Headache

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Guest article from: Wedding Protector Plan

Every year it seems that extreme weather events become even more unpredictable. Last year we saw wedding venues damaged or without power for months on end after hurricanes hit various parts of the country and popular destination wedding locations. Wedding dresses and other precious nuptial items that had to be left behind during flash flooding were lost or damaged beyond repair. Wildfires led to mass evacuations all over the West Coast, causing weddings to be postponed until it was safe to return. Nor’easters caused transportation shutdowns that caused wedding couples trouble with vendors that could not get to their venue on their meticulously planned day.

wedding insurance to protect your wedding day

What does wedding insurance cover?

Underwritten by Travelers, the Wedding Protector Plan provides wedding insurance coverage for the ceremony, reception, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and possibly a post-wedding brunch, all for affordable rates with no deductible. With last year’s devastation from severe weather events fresh in everyone’s mind, and with venues increasingly requiring insurance, find out how wedding insurance can protect your special day.

Our policies protect the payments you’ve made to your venue and contracted vendors, such as your DJ, caterer, florist, photographer, bridal shop, etc. If these vendors happen to go out of business, not show up to the wedding, or don’t deliver the services you’ve paid for and outlined in your contract, our policy can help pay you back the deposits you’ve lost to them and can even help you pay for a replacement vendor. Unfortunately, issues with vendors happen to be our number one source of claims. One example that most of you have probably heard of is when Alfred Angelo, a bridal dress shop, closed numerous stores nationwide in 2017, leaving many dress orders unfulfilled.

The cost of the wedding is also protected if you had to cancel or postpone the wedding due to catastrophic weather events, such as hurricanes or extreme flooding, sudden illness or death in the immediate family, or venue unavailability, such as your venue double-booking or getting damaged during a hurricane and closing for repairs. If the wedding is cancelled or postponed, the honeymoon expenses can also be covered. The costs for all of these events should be factored in to the level of coverage you are purchasing.

What Additional Wedding Insurance Options Are available?

We also offer optional liability and liquor liability coverage that can protect the bride and groom if a guest has an injury on premises and sues the couple, or if someone breaks something at the venue and the wedding couple has to pay the venue for those damages.

We all know weddings are expensive, and this wedding season is fully underway, don’t make the mistake of waiting until something beyond your control causes you a wedding day disaster. Protect your investment and insure your future. Call us today at 888-342-5977 or visit us at




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