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Wow Your Guests With These Fun Grand Entrance Ideas

Wow Your Guests With These Fun Grand Entrance Ideas

The grand entrance is your chance to kickstart the party with pizzazz! As the anticipation builds while guests migrate to the reception area and settle in, you have a rare opportunity to delight and wow them from the very first reception moments. Crafting a memorable entrance may seem daunting at first when facing seemingly endless possibilities to choose from. But implementing a unique detail that authentically reflects your personality or relationship can set a celebratory, intimate tone that resonates.

Whether you roll up in a decked-out getaway ride with “Just Married” in soapy script, alight from a vintage car polished to perfection, or make a splashy debut from behind custom doors, focus on creating an experience that excites you first. Chances are, choices fueled by your joy or love story will engage your guests, too. The party has only begun, so greet everyone with a creative act that riles up the celebration from note one!


Grand Entrance with Sparklers at Sterling Hills by Wedgewood Weddings


the importance of the GRAND ENTRANCE

Over 6,000 weddings occurred in the U.S. every day in 2022, and that number is likely to increase. There are various ways to customize your ceremony and reception to stand out, and a wedding entrance is at the top of the list. It's a treat for your guests to see what personal spin you'd put on the tradition. 

Aside from the wedding entry's impact on the guest experience, it also holds plenty of significance for you and your new spouse. It's your first appearance as a married couple after the ceremony. 

memorable wedding entrance ideas 

The traditional wedding entrance features the newly married couple walking into the reception venue together before participating in other traditions, like the first dance and the bouquet toss. 

It is possible to follow this standard practice, but you can add a unique twist to it. Here are nine ways to have a memorable entrance to set the tone for your reception. 

Arrive in an Iconic Car 

Ride in an iconic car that will wow guests. For instance, one of the first-generation Corvettes, like the original 1953 model in Polo White, is an absolute beauty. They encompass the 1950s style, which is ideal for weddings with a vintage theme. 

You can also pick other colors that go well with the rest of your reception décor. In 1954, Chevrolet offered the Corvette in Black, Pennant Blue, and Sportsman Red. Different generations of this convertible are also showstoppers in design and hue.  


Bride and Groom with a vintage car at Sierra La Verne by Wedgewood Weddings

Initiate a Flash Mob Dance 

A dance flash mob is a great way to energize your guests at the beginning of your reception. Create a routine that gets the people closest to you involved as you and your partner are introduced. It can be the best transition into your first dance, too! 

Do you want the flash mob dance routine to be more of a surprise? Let your maid of honor or best man take charge. This will be a treat for guests, your partner, and you. 

Play a Special Song

Is there a sweet melody that reminds you of your budding romance? Will a bass-heavy hip-hop track hype up your guests? Perhaps you have a secret and unique song that completely captures your love for each other. A subtle way to shake up your wedding entry is simply playing a special tune and sharing it with guests. 

Have the Pets Join In

Many pet parents love to incorporate their furry friends into their wedding plans. After all, about half of American pet owners value their animal companions as much as human family members. 

Most couples choose to have their dogs or cats serve as the ring bearer during the ceremony. You can also have them lead the way for you and your new spouse into the reception. Just be prepared - their adorable presence might steal the show! 


Bride and Groom with their dogs at Vellano Estate by Wedgewood Weddings


Show off a Same-Day video 

Make a special request to your videographer to create an edit of your wedding day up until this point. Ask them to include highlights of the joyful moments during the preparation for the ceremony, leading up to the processional and exchange of vows. It can be quite a tear-jerker, but it catches everyone up to speed as you finally resume the festivities with a traditional entrance. 

Have a Quick Outfit Change 

Create an element of surprise for your wedding entrance with an outfit change. Consider swapping your clothes on the spot to wow your guests at the reception and leave them in awe of your entrance. 

For those wearing suits, it can be as simple as having a reversible jacket with a fun pattern behind it. Women can opt for a custom wedding gown that transforms into a vibrant mini dress when adjusted, adding an extra layer of excitement to your grand entrance. 


Couple with an outfit change and guest blowing bubbles

Walk Down Like Royalty

If your wedding reception area has a grand staircase, you should take advantage! Walk down the steps regally with your partner for a truly enchanting moment. To enhance the royal theme, consider having your MC announce the arrival of each guest, adding an extra touch of elegance and anticipation to your grand entrance. 

Show Off a Party Trick

Add a touch of fun and charm to your wedding entrance with party tricks that showcase your unique talents. Surprise your guests with your skills in the best way possible, whether it's juggling or unicycling. 

If you and your partner don't have any hidden talents, consider learning something new together. Turn the practices into pre-wedding dates and commit to creating the most elaborate and entertaining entrance ever. 

Wear Cute Inflatable Costumes

Have you ever wanted to wear matching clothes with the love of your life? Picture entering the reception as blow-up dinosaurs or giant bobbleheads - a hilariously fun twist that will surely captivate your guests. 

This unique and silly wedding entry idea guarantees not only a good laugh but also provides plenty of fun social media fodder for both you and your guests to cherish. 


Star Wars light saber grand entrance - Sierra La Verne


enter your reception in style 

Your wedding entrance offers a special chance to infuse personality into your reception unveiling. Whether you envision a dramatic debut or silly shuffle, classic promenade, or modern mix-up - make it distinctly yours.

Most importantly, craft an entrance that lets you soak up these first blissful moments as newlyweds with your beloved by your side. Surround yourself with cherished friends and family present to celebrate the love that makes your union so special.

However you choose to kick off the festivities ahead, create lasting memories mingling authentic joy, laughter, and passion as you take your first steps into forever!


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