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Rocky Mountain Weddings: 'Golden' Charm

Rocky Mountain Weddings: 'Golden' Charm

Want breathtaking landscapes for your special day? Let's take a virtual tour of Golden, Colorado. This captivating city holds a well-kept secret: it's one of the most unique locations to tie the knot in the Rocky Mountains. Discover why Golden should be the backdrop for your wedding.

At the foot of the Colorado Rockies, Golden is a city that elegantly fuses natural splendor with cultural richness. It began as a gold rush town in the mid-19th century, and though it's now thoroughly modern, the city's roots still resonate in the charming architecture and friendly community. Picture a town where the Old West's pioneering spirit meets the modern era's sophistication. That's Golden for you.

Choosing Golden, Colorado, as your wedding location is an inspired decision - an invitation to blend tradition with adventure against a backdrop that seamlessly combines the majestic Rocky Mountains with the rustic charm of the Old West. This picturesque town, rich in history and brimming with activities, offers a wealth of experiences that transform your wedding into a love-filled adventure with your closest friends and family. From inviting your guests to join you on stunning hikes, partaking in quirky local festivals to enjoying culinary delights at unique local eateries, Golden transforms your wedding into a journey of discovery and celebration that will leave a lasting impression on everyone involved.


Welcome to Golden, Colorado- Summer Time Views

Unique Wedding Traditions of the Rockies

Throughout Golden - and all of Colorado - there's a strong sense of heritage and connection to nature. This carries over to local wedding traditions like the Tree Planting Ceremony. Instead of a unity candle, couples plant a tree together, symbolizing their joint growth and commitment to nurturing their relationship – a beautiful metaphor for marriage.

And then there's the Rocky Mountain "Wedding Hike." Adventurous couples honor the Rockies by taking their wedding party on a pre- or post-wedding hike. It's a fantastic way to appreciate the magnificent scenery together and make the most of Golden's great outdoors. We say 'Yes' to a long or short hike but recommend scheduling it a day or two before the wedding - it's a great way to show off Golden's scenery and help your guests get to know each other. 


Welcome to Golden, Colorado - Winter Wonderland

Why Golden Shines for Weddings

Golden's allure for weddings goes beyond its mountainous panorama with an array of unique venues. Ever considered saying your vows in a rustic brewery or exchanging rings in a picturesque mountaintop pavilion? How about hosting your reception in an opera house? It's all possible in Golden, but by far, our favorite wedding location is The Pines. This tucked-away retreat provides a beautiful connection with nature, making it easy for Great Aunt Joan to show off her moves on the dance floor. 

Golden's proximity to Denver also makes it easy for out-of-town guests, as it's a short drive from Denver International Airport. Consider hosting your bachelor(ette) in Golden, so your VIPs can see what makes this city so unique ahead of your big day. With so many available activities, you're guaranteed a wonderful time.


Golden, Colorado - happiest place on Earth

Golden Activities for You and Your Wedding Guests

Golden, Colorado, offers a treasure trove of adventures for your and your wedding guests. From unique festivals to incredible outings and gastronomic delights, Golden promises a memorable time for you and your guests. Your special day will be even better when you all share new experiences. We say: spend time together discovering the unique charm that makes Golden truly golden.

  1. Beer Lovers' Paradise
    Golden is home to Coors Brewery, the largest single-site brewery in the world. An insider's tour gives you an insight into the history of this brewing giant, the intricacies of the brewing process, and a tasting of their famous brews. With stunning views of the mountains, Coors is a fun day out if your guests are in Golden for a few days.
  2. 'Goldens in Golden' Festival
    Held annually, this dog-obsessed event welcomes Golden Retrievers from far and wide so everyone can celebrate these loveable canines in the town that shares their name. This heartwarming, fluffy gathering will entertain all your guests and makes for incredible photo opportunities!
  3. Buffalo Bill Days
    Golden's Buffalo Bill Days is a long-standing tradition that celebrates the life and spirit of William "Buffalo Bill" Cody, one of the West's most iconic figures. This mid-summer event features a lively parade, a classic car show, food vendors, live music, and a 'Mutton Bustin' contest where young kids get a chance to be mini rodeo stars! 
  4. Golden Fine Arts Festival
    Art enthusiasts will love this one. Held in August, the Golden Fine Arts Festival is a prestigious art show with plenty of paintings, photography, and sculpture, plus live music, food courts, and free art activities for kids. 
  5. Tubing on Clear Creek
    For adventure lovers, try an exciting tubing experience along Clear Creek. During the summer, this is a very popular activity for locals and visitors. Golden River Sports rents tubes and offers safety advice.
  6. Golden Farmers Market
    If you enjoy local produce, artisanal goods, and fresh pastries, you'll love the Golden Farmers Market. Running from the first Saturday in June through the first Saturday in October, it's the place to sample local flavors and check out a few local makers and artists.
  7. Golden Super Cruise
    This car event takes place on the first Saturday of every month from May through October. The Golden Super Cruise welcomes all types of vintage cars, hot rods, and custom cars. Enjoy a leisurely evening of car viewing, food trucks, and music. 
  8. Mother Cabrini Shrine
    Atop Lookout Mountain, Mother Cabrini Shrine is a place of spiritual significance with panoramic views of Denver's skyline and the Rockies. Hike the 373-step stairway, lined with rosaries, leading to the 22-foot statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 
  9. Golden Llama Trek
    Are you an animal lover? You need a fun mountainside adventure with a llama! We recommend a unique and transformative experience at the Wheel Llama Ranch, a rustic and picturesque farmstead.
  10. Casa Bonita
    Just outside of Golden in Lakewood, this legendary Mexican restaurant offers much more than food. As a historic gem in Colorado, you can enjoy a plate of delicious sopapillas with a show of cliff divers, live musicians, and so much more. Casa Bonita turns a simple meal into an experience that will wow you all.

Home of Coors - Golden, Colorado

Discover Golden Trails: Breathtaking Hikes

Whether you're seasoned hikers looking for a challenge or a group of more casual walkers seeking a leisurely stroll, there's a trail for everyone. Whichever trail you choose, be prepared: bring plenty of water, dress warmly and/or use sun protection, and wear appropriate footwear. Happy hiking! 

Here are five of our favorite sensational hikes near Golden:

  1. Genesee Mountain Trail
    Head out on this 1.1-mile out-and-back trail near Golden, Colorado. Generally considered an easy route, you can complete the hike in around 30 minutes, and your pet pooch is more than welcome to come along too. Great for kids, this trail is a local favorite and serves as a beautiful introduction to Golden hiking. 
  2. North Table Mountain Trail
    This is a 5.9-mile loop trail that's great for hikers of all skill levels. A summer trail with wildflowers, panoramic views of downtown Denver, and a seasonal waterfall. Wildlife sightings are common, so keep an eye out for mule deer, coyotes, and lots of birds. Moderate to difficult. 
  3. Lookout Mountain Trail
    If you want a hike with a bit of history, this 4.6-mile out-and-back trail is for you. It begins at the Boettcher Mansion and ends at Buffalo Bill's grave and museum. This trail takes around two hours with some steep sections. The panoramic views of Golden and Denver from the top are well worth the effort. Moderate difficulty rating.
  4. Chimney Gulch Trail
    This trail offers a challenging but rewarding hiking experience. It's a 5-mile out-and-back trail near Golden, known for its steep inclines and beautiful views. With an elevation gain of over 1,800 feet, this trail isn't for the faint-hearted, but the top gives you stunning views over Clear Creek Canyon. It is challenging but worth the trek with the views of prairies, forests, and creeks you'll see along the way.
  5. Mount Galbraith Loop via Cedar Gulch Trail
    This loop trail takes you on a picturesque journey through meadows, across a creek, and to the summit of Mount Galbraith. At the summit, you'll be rewarded with spectacular views of Golden, Denver, and the surrounding mountains. This loop is open from May to November and is moderately difficult, with an elevation gain of about 1,300 feet. 

Enjoy River Walks in Golden, Colorado

Bringing Everyone Together in Golden

Golden, Colorado, is a city where the majesty of the Rockies, a rich history, and unique wedding possibilities converge to provide an exceptional experience. When you choose Golden, you're embracing nature, stepping back in time, and creating a day that echoes your individual style and story.

Where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains, Golden, Colorado, is an idyllic setting for your nuptials. The charming small-town vibe blends seamlessly with spectacular natural backdrops, so you get wedding photos scenery straight out of a classic Western. What sets Golden apart is the wealth of experiences it offers you and your wedding guests. With a thriving art scene, quirky festivals, world-class dining, a bevy of recreational activities from tubing to hiking, and so many trekking opportunities, every guest will find something to love. With a wedding in Golden, you get a beautiful ceremony and an unforgettable Colorado adventure. This is your chance to create lifelong memories steeped in love, joy, and the unique allure of Golden.


The Sprit of Romance at The Pines by Wedgewood Weddings in Golden, CO

At Wedgewood Weddings, our team is more than event planners; we're storytellers at heart, dedicated to weaving your unique love story into the fabric of your special day. When you choose one of our superb Colorado venues, you get the aesthetics you want and a team of dedicated professionals committed to making your wedding planning a joyous journey rather than a daunting task. 

The essence of a great wedding is authenticity. With its inviting character and stunning beauty, Golden can provide the ideal backdrop for your wedding celebration. Take the leap and make The Pines in Golden, Colorado, the trailhead for your journey as a married couple! 

Begin your wedding planning with a venue tour. With local locations showcasing the Colorado landscape's beauty, we'll provide a memorable and unique canvas for your special day. Our team of experienced wedding professionals offers personalized planning, ensuring every detail reflects your vision. Whether it's an incredible forest locale at The Pines in Golden, a romantic ceremony against the backdrop of the Rockies at the Tapestry House in FoCo, or an elegant celebration at Brittany Hill in Denver, a multi-stop venue tour will open your eyes to the endless possibilities in Colorado. Call or text 866.966.3009 today.

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