5 Ways to Stay In Love

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By Susan Craig with Rockher

Often, we get so consumed with planning the wedding that we forget about planning for the marriage. While your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, it's important to remember that keeping a successful marriage together requires more than just a good wedding.

It requires showing affection for your significant other. How do you do that if you’re too consumed with routine? Refer to these five great ways to show your spouse you love them.

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Support Your Spouse

We all say this word in our wedding vows, but it’s easier to say it than to execute. The thing is, supporting someone can be a challenge. Sometimes, your spouse needs support at a time that isn't convenient with whatever you're doing at the moment, but it's important to make time to dedicate to them. This will make them feel especially loved. 


Give a Lighthearted Gift

We're not implying that you make room in your budget to buy nice gifts on a regular basis. It's not necessary to get your spouse a diamond necklace or a trip to the Bahamas in order to feel affection. Presenting them with a small item that they love will always do the trick! You could pick up their favorite candy bar next time you're at the store, bring home a bottle of wine, or something else small yet meaningful. 


Spend Quality Time Together

All couples counselors will agree that spending time together is very important for every relationship - it's how you got to know each other and built a connection in the first place, right? Like gifts, sharing an experience doesn't have to be exotic. Some simpler ideas would be to try a new restaurant in town, go on a hike, play a game, etc. Anything you two can do together and enjoy is a pleasant experience.


Flirt with Your Spouse

It's easy to assume that, once you're married, there's no need to "try" anymore. But, flirting keeps the spark alive! If all you talk about is tax returns and work, break up the routine and flirt with your spouse like it’s your first date.


Make an Anniversary Feel Special

"You’d be surprised by how many people who buy engagement rings are already married for years," says Ann Labonte with Rockher. Why? They’re trying to remind their spouses how much they love them by making an anniversary a big deal. If you and your spouse want another wedding party to celebrate a productive year together, book a venue, brush off the dust from that wedding dress, and gather friends for a party!


Sometimes our ambition gets a little...relaxed...after marriage. Ordering takeout and falling asleep to Netflix can easily become the norm. But, keep in mind that you and your spouse fell for each other for a reason! Keep that spark between you alive with these tips!


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