Carlsbad Community Celebrates Sandy Bonner

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With so many venues across the U.S, our team members often support multiple venues as they rise the ranks and go on to become leaders. Today, we're celebrating Sandy Bonner who has been an instrumental force and leader within the Wedgewood Weddings family for many years. Recently, she moved to Carlsbad, CA to lead one of our most exciting venue launches in company history. Sandy stepped up and directed the entire venue renovation and launch, while still making time to become a pivotal member of her new community. 


Recently, Sandy received the ultimate accolade when she was featured as a member of the Carlsbad Charitable Foundation's Chairman's letter. 

Meet Carlsbad Community Member, Sandy Bonner


Passionate about event planning and dedicated to supporting her hardworking team, Sandy Bonner began her career with Wedgewood Weddings in the summer of 2011. Originally from Corona, CA, she started her journey with Wedgewood Weddings as a bartender, then banquet captain at The Retreat by Wedgewood Weddings. A bright star, Sandy was soon promoted to Catering Sales Manager, which later led to her being transferred to nearby locations, gaining more experience with each year. As part of our manager development program, Sandy excelled in her new role at Sierra La Verne by Wedgewood Weddings.

When asked about her favorite Wedgewood Weddings team moment, Sandy knew it would be all about growth. Much like her own, she loves seeing the potential of others come to fruition.

"My favorite team moment would be the training boot camps and seeing the new team members grow."
- Sandy, GM at the Carlsbad Windmill

San Diego Foundation Carlsbad FeatureCarlsbad, CA is located on the gorgeous pacific coast of Southern California

In a new location and with a welcomed change of scenery, Sandy jumped at the opportunity to become part of the local community in this sought-after beach town. Joining the Carlsbad Charitable Foundation, Sandy began working on the membership committee to help recruit new members. In addition to networking, she has also had the chance to show off her planning skills with a few events.

"Carlsbad has an amazing vibe and feel. The community has welcomed me, and I want to help give back to them."
- Sandy

Team at Sierra La Verne by Wedgewood Weddings-2
Sandy with her team at Sierra La Verne in Los Angeles County 2019.


The San Diego Foundation featured a Letter from the CCF Board Chair, Justin Peek, where there was a shoutout to Sandy for her ambitious nature. The foundation inspires enduring philanthropy and enables community solutions to improve the quality of life in our region. Finally, when asked about her favorite part of weddings and event planning, Sandy said:

"Seeing all of the planning coming together and the happiness it creates is heartwarming and fun."
- Sandy



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