Bold Centerpiece Styles!

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We’ve put together a collection of some of our favorite and most captivating centerpieces to help you in your wedding planning process! We have seen a wide variety of fantastic ideas, ranging from collections of beachy styles of seashells and sand, fragrant pine branches, cinnamon sticks, ornaments and pine cones for our holiday couples, even fruits and candy for guests to enjoy! See some of our favorite reception centerpieces below!

This is a gorgeous color palette chosen by our couple of San Clemente by Wedgewood Weddings. They went with glass vases and glass beads to hold their lovely selection of roses, hydrangeas, and fragrant hyacinth. So pretty!

Speckled silver votive candle holders, scattered gems and this elegant floral arrangement is truly enchanting and graceful. What a fantastic combination!

diy Wedgewood Weddings centerpiece pale floral arrangement at Wedgewood Weddings tall floral centerpiece at Wedgewood Weddings


We love the DIY styling of this sweet centerpiece! All you need is an assortment of vases and glass bottles, a few small flowers of roses, baby’s breath, or hyacinth, and a tabletop prop if you want to add a little extra to your centerpiece display!

hydrangeas centerpiece lavender color scheme


This is an exquisite centerpiece of hydrangeas, orchids, roses and more! You’ll find this size, height and floral selection will be a little more on the costly side of floral arrangements. However, they are beautiful and you can always work with your floral designer to create something that best suits your budget and elegant style!

Vellano by Wedgewood Weddings bright wedding color scheme

This centerpiece is definitely making a statement for this outdoor wedding reception at The Retreat by Wedgewood Weddings! A collection of bright colored flowers and strings of crystals really enhance the look of this couple’s wedding reception!

We love this vintage style centerpiece! Family photos, potted hydrangeas on antique silver platters is a gorgeous idea and is easy to replicate! Get thrifty and head to Good Will to find platters and frames for your centerpiece designs! You’ll want these items to be different for every table, so no need to coordinate! Mismatch and have fun with your budget-friendly finds!

Budget-Friendly Tip:

You don’t necessary have to use floral arrangements for your centerpieces. We have also seen fruits combined with natural elements, collections of flame-less candles in various sizes arranged together, and much more! If you would like more ideas or how to create your own centerpieces, check out our blogs or ask your Valservenience Directors for assistance!



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