Awe-Inspiring Aisles!

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Walking down the aisle is one of the most memorable moments of your wedding day. Your ceremony will be gorgeous, your guests will all be there, and your walk will seem like time is standing still. As you make your way down the aisle, we know you’ll want this to be a beautiful setting for you and yours. Here are some of our favorite aisle decorations that we think you will really enjoy and find truly inspiring!

colorful wedding aisle at Wedgewood Weddings rose covered aisle at Wedgewood Weddings


Props such as bird cages, lanterns and even flameless candle holders are a great way to incorporate your theme and also add a little extra fun to your aisle!

We love when couples add petal swirls to their aisle! It’s gorgeous and photographs very well! You can also ask for your very own designs unique to you and your fiancé!

aisle decor ideas at Wedgewood Weddings aisle floral arrangement at Wedgewood Weddings

Flower petals sprinkled along your aisle is sweet and classic. 

Hang small floral arrangements from shepherd’s hooks along your walkway!

fall inspired aisle decor wedding aisle lantern decor


Combining two colors of flower petals and adding columns to your aisles is a great way to enhance your ceremony look and give a very upscale appearance

cute wedding aisle flowers beautiful wedding ceremony venue wedding chandelier decor

We love when couples include kissing balls in their aisles, because not only are they part of your ceremony decor but you can also move them to your reception! Dual purpose and pretty – LOVE IT!

For more wedding ideas and inspiration, check out our Wedgewood Weddings Pinterest boards!



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