9 Romantic Anniversary Ideas

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As a team dedicated to hosting beautiful, flawless, happy weddings, it's only natural that we'd spend a lot of time celebrating anniversaries. Whether you choose to celebrate with us at the same venue where you said "I do" or you choose something less traditional, we're here to celebrate each and every milestone with you. Read on for a list of our team's favorite ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary.


Get Away together

“Pack a picnic, soak up some sun, splash around and be silly in the tide. My personal favorite… splurge on a wine country weekend getaway with mimosa breakfasts, wine tastings, and bubble baths. Getaway to the mountains, whether it be snow country where you can cozy up with hot chocolate or lakeside mountains with a rented paddle-board and hiking across streams.”

Think Outside The Box

“As I enter my 17th year of marriage, I've had plenty of practice celebrating anniversaries. I LIKE my husband. I like spending time with him. So our anniversaries are usually spent in Vegas or at the very least a nice dinner out. No kids, no financial convos, etc. I think that the best way to spend an anniversary is to do something that you wouldn't do on a “usual” day or date night. If you always go to dinner and a movie as your night out, then think outside the box. Go drive a race car, go to a winery, go on a hot air balloon ride. Do something, anything that is a break from the norm. This is one day a year to celebrate your life together. Make it romantic or not, just BE TOGETHER.”

Sentimental Scenery

“We have several couples that come and have a picnic on our front lawn as a way to remember their wedding day! (They arrange it with us ahead of time!) I am sure it brings back lots of wonderful memories of their wedding day and getting to see the mansion again.”

First Date Nostalgia

"Go back to the scene of the first date is always so special. Surprise your spouse by wearing your wedding dress again! Switch it up a bit by inviting your entire wedding party!"

Dinner & A Movie

"One of the things we used to do was to cook the special meal we had when we got engaged and watch our wedding video together. When we started having kids, we included them in the ritual. It was really special"

Cheers Darling

“Open a bottle of champagne and keep it simple.  Maybe look back at your guest book, wedding video, or weddings pictures!”

That's Amore

“One year we only had $50 to spend so we ended up making a lasagna together and then had a slumber party in the living room! We moved our mattress out there, got a few Redbox movies, and tried to learn new card games. The year before we had done brunch and a hot air balloon ride!”

Day Cruise

“Pick up a classic car and take a day trip up the coast! Stop at a local diner, buy a souvenir in a small town boutique, and take tons of photos of your fabulous day! It's a great adventure, and you’re sure to have a blast!”

Vow Renewal At Your Venue

Last but not least: renew your vows at the same venue where you originally said: "I do!" We absolutely love hosting vow renewal ceremonies for all couples. If you're interested in hosting a vow renewal at any of our beautiful wedding venues, let us know!


Remember: the key to a spectacular anniversary celebration is focusing on your love story and your relationship. The rest of the details are pure fun!  



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