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Leveling Up in Life + Love - 10 Best Video Games for Couples

Leveling Up in Life and Love - 10 Best Video Games for Couples

Are you, or your partner, a gamer? Do you love to sit back and watch Twitch? Or are you horrified by the idea of picking up a controller? Whether you're an avid video game fan or can't quite get the hang of walking forward while looking forward - we think gaming can be the perfect couples activity! 

Play with your best friend, companion, and partner. If video games are out of your comfort zone, try taking a chance and become the player 2 to your loved one's player 1!

10 Best Video Games For Couples: 


For most of the games you choose, picking up a controller forces you to communicate and work as a team. We love 'Portal 2' because you're dependent on each other regardless of skill level. 'Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes' is a VR game where you both get placed in separate high-pressure environments and have to continually talk and listen to save the day. 

If you're a more competitive couple, then dropping into 'Fortnite' or 'PUBG' can set you up to be a sole survivor or help each other get further. Likewise, 'Call of Duty', where you can team up and work together alongside friends, is an excellent option as it can force you to level up your skills together - remember, no man is left behind! 😱

Most games are designed to be enjoyed with a friend, and one of the most beautiful things about two opposites coming together is sharing new hobbies together! Co-Op video game sales are soaring for exactly this reason.

There are many popular games that feature strategy, sports, puzzles, adventure quests, and more! Strategy and adventure games are perfect for playing with your partner. Working together for a common goal, practicing effective communication and delegation, as well as having a blast while overcoming obstacles together are great tools to implement in both a relationship and video games.


As you get to know each other's gaming strengths, you may want to go further as a team. 'Castle Crashers' is cute but challenging and designed for four, while 'The Cave' is a darker 2D adventure for three. 'GTA V Online', any 'COD', or 'Monster Hunter: World' are all immersive multiplayer games where you can work towards (or undermine) a common goal. 

As you play, you'll naturally be collaborating and providing positive reinforcement as you support each other and your teammates. Many games also force you to become increasingly creative to solve puzzles or find solutions to dangerous dilemmas. 

As you delve into multiplayer games, you'll enjoy the challenges while you also join the wider gamer community. We love AnneMunition and Lil_Lexi who have strong relationships, excellent skills, and explore a wide variety of game types. 


One thing many non-gamers underestimate is the power of storytelling in new and classic games. As you work together and become absorbed in the story - you'll find that hours fly by, and you'll become determined to beat or finish just this one more thing!

Exploring new worlds together gives you a shared sense of comradery, and you'll find yourself talking about the characters and plot even while not playing. Building these shared experiences strengthens your bond and becomes part of your shared history.

'The Last of Us' is a beautiful story, and 'Detroit: Become Human' shows the power of a single choice as each chapter builds towards an unknown ending. Both are tearjerkers that will pull at your heartstrings. 

'Beyond: Two Souls' and 'DYO' are great examples where you'll go further if you work together. You can even adapt single-player options: 'The Witness' is a devious and challenging game that works great if you take turns or want to play as a crowd.

Why VIDEOGAMES Are Good For You

Many classic video games are known to improve relationships, communication, and problem-solving skills. Sharing this digital hobby together can build relationship skills and will ultimately strengthen your bond! 

The positive effects of video games range from better memory and problem-solving to improved mood and social skills. 

5 Great Reasons to Game:
  1. Improved relationships. Virtual world challenges encourage better communication and cooperation that stays with you in real-life interactions.
  2. Happier mood. Video games give your brain a break from anxiety and daily stressors.
  3. Better decision-making. Energizing action games improve your ability to make game-time decisions in real life.
  4. Great mental and physical fitness. Games that require multitasking and focus keep your brain young. Fitness games keep you moving.
  5. An exciting new date night activity: Video games can add a new dimension to your stay-at-home date nights that are both fun and competitive!

Final Thought: Wedding Games...?

Wedding-focused games are a real thing and incredibly popular. You'll find browser-based options, and they're on social gaming platforms like Facebook, as well as stand-alone apps. If you're wedding planning, we recommend picking up a wedding-focused video game like My Fantasy Wedding to help you have fun in the process. 'Stardew Valley' is a cute and friendly game where you farm, tend to animals, build relationships with the villagers. Better yet, as you give gifts, you can create romantic relationships and find love.


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