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The Barn and the Beautiful: Barn Wedding Planning 101

The Barn and the Beautiful: Barn Wedding Planning 101

Everyone loves a party in an old barn. So it's no wonder that more and more couples are choosing to get hitched in a barn setting. From the cozy ambiance of a converted barn to the stunning natural surroundings, barn weddings have all the ingredients for a unique celebration that everyone will remember fondly. 

Barn Wedding Ideas

Whether you want to create a cozy, intimate wedding or a grand event with all the bells and whistles, here are six tips to ensure your wedding is truly memorable. 

Galway Downs by Wedgewood Weddings

Take inspiration from the barn

When looking for inspo, let the barn itself be your guide. If you're leaning into the country barn wedding feel, take inspiration from your surroundings like seasonal foliage for decorations. Use antiques or vintage items to give your celebration a timeless feel if it's an older structure. You can also play with contrast by juxtaposing elegant elements like chandeliers and gilded chairs against the barn’s rustic backdrop.


Consider maximizing the great outdoors

Though many couples hold their barn ceremony outdoors and their receptions inside the barn itself, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. You could do things the other way round, or even have both the ceremony and dinner outdoors

The barn can be a striking backdrop to all your festivities, and when temperatures drop, the wedding party can move indoors for dancing. Whatever you decide, make sure to provide plenty of seating and lighting options so your guests can enjoy the outdoor space throughout the night.


Serve up a delectable farm-to-table feast

Keeping in theme with your farm setting, consider incorporating locally sourced ingredients into your menu. Ask your caterer if they'd be willing to customize a menu highlighting farm-fresh produce. In addition, you can use seasonal ingredients in your dishes to give your reception an extra touch of rustic charm. 

The beautiful rustic pavilion at Hofmann Ranch


Prepare fun activities for cocktail hour

Country weddings are the perfect opportunity to get creative with your guest entertainment. If you're looking for fun ideas to keep your guests entertained, consider setting up lawn games like giant Jenga and corn hole. If you’re anticipating chilly weather, set up fire pits and bring in s'mores or hot chocolate to warm your guests up. You could even offer hayrides to give guests a chance to take in the beauty of your unique venue.


Dress the part

The possibilities for your dress code are endless! You can encourage your guests to dress up in their country best for the occasion. (If you want to take it up a notch, consider giving out cowboy hats and bandanas as wedding favors.) Alternatively, you could opt for a more modern look by having guests wear chic floral barn wedding guest dresses and bow ties. Or, if you're going the more elegant route, you could opt for long flowy dresses and tailored suits. Just make sure to include your dress code in the invitation whatever you choose, so everyone's on the same page.

If you're planning to celebrate outdoors, give your guests a heads up so they can plan accordingly and bring items such as sunglasses or sweaters. Additionally, ensure attendees are aware of grassy lawns or gravel paths that may require more suitable footwear — like flats and wedges instead of stilettos!


Let your personality shine through

Though typically rustic, weddings at a barn can take on any look and feel. Whether your vibe is modern, vintage-inspired, or something entirely unique, the countryside offers the perfect romantic backdrop to show off your style and personality. So don't be afraid to think outside the barn! 

Hofmann Ranch by Wedgewood Weddings - Barn Wedding


Choosing the right barn wedding venue

The trick to pulling off a beautiful wedding at a barn? Selecting the right venue. Whether you’re looking for a traditional red barn, a charming white one with stables, or an upscale modern take on the classic style, there are so many barn wedding venues to choose from. To help you narrow down your choices, consider these four tips: 


1. Look for barn-specific features 

Regardless of the barn venue, remember that they are special because of their unique atmosphere. From fireplaces to hardwood floors, barns have a charm you won't find anywhere else. Some barns have big doors that open to the outdoors, while others feature balconies or patios that overlook a field or wooded area. You can also look for wedding venues with horse stables and hay lofts — these make beautiful backdrops for your ceremony and photos!


2. Keep an eye out for unique barns

Since barns are becoming increasingly popular as wedding venues, you may want to think outside the box when searching for barn venues. Consider barns that offer unique features (such as a loft area or riverfront view), barns located in unusual places (like abandoned warehouses), or historic barns.


3. Plan for rainy days

One big draw of getting married at a barn is to have the ceremony (and maybe even the reception) take place outdoors. However, be sure to have a contingency plan; after all, you never know what mother nature has up her sleeve — even during summertime! Double-check if there's enough room indoors in case you have to move inside and if it can accommodate all of your guests. 

Fun fact: All Wedgewood Weddings venues (even our barns) offer beautiful indoor ceremony options which can be your first choice or your back-up plan!


4. Book a tried and tested barn venue

Some barn venues will provide all the necessities to make your special day run smoothly. Meanwhile, other barns may be blank canvases, essentially requiring you and your fiancé to convert the place into a wedding venue yourselves. 

The DIY route might seem more appealing if you're looking for barn wedding ideas on a budget. However, couples can easily underestimate how much time and money goes into setting up a venue. For many barns, you'll have to provide tables, chairs, heating, lighting, vendor tents, generators, toilets, and more. That can get overwhelming fast! By booking an established wedding venue, you can simplify your wedding planning and ensure that the barn is up to snuff.

Unsure where to start? With tens of thousands of weddings under our belt, the team at Wedgewood Weddings can help you find the best barn venue that fits your budget and vision. Our wedding-obsessed team selects only the best venues for our clients, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re in capable hands.

Ranch Options at Tapestry House by Wedgewood Weddings

Our experts at Wedgewood Weddings would love to sit down with you and help you plan your ultimate wedding. To get started, check out our customizable packages or book a free venue tour with us today!

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