Wedding Plan Task List Series| Maid of Honor

It is great to have someone there to help you with your wedding plans, especially when your maid of honor is asking for a list of to-do’s! See our list of most beneficial tasks for your Maid of Honor!

□ Go shopping with you for your wedding dress

□ Let your friends and family know where you’re registered for wedding gifts

□ Moral support – this is so very important! A great Maid of Honor will get you through challenges and celebrate successes!

bridesmaid to-do list

maid of honor and bridesmaids

□ Offer to help you with your pre-wedding to-do list items

□ Your Maid-of-Honor will coordinate your bachelorette party with the bridesmaids

□ Coordinating the bridesmaids and their duties

□ Hold your bouquet as you say “I do”

bride with bridesmaids

□ Help you with your dress and check for details

□ Help you hot glue those little diamonds to your centerpieces or make those Michael’s trips for your DIY projects

□ Make the toast to you and your hubby as newlyweds!

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