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20 Unique & Affordable Save the Date Ideas

20 Unique & Affordable Save the Date Ideas

It's time to talk about exciting pre-wedding announcements, the Save the Dates. While traditional ones are always a safe bet, wouldn't it be fantastic to mix things up a little? Give your guests a taste of the fun and unique day you've got planned with Save the Dates that are as fun and quirky as you are! It's your big day, so have fun with it - everything from your vows to your Save the Dates should reflect your wonderful personalities.

You don't have to break the bank to stand out. Yes, it's true! Some of the most memorable Save the Dates are not pricey but brimming with personality and originality. So whether you're on a champagne or a sparkling water budget, we've got something for you.

Imagine opening your mailbox and pulling out a pair of personalized flip flops instead of a card! The details of your beach wedding etched on them would certainly put a smile on your guest's faces, wouldn't they? Or how about if you and your partner are adventure junkies? A mini map highlighting your wedding location would be a charming surprise!

There are so many ways to keep the fun going. How about magnets, scratch-off cards, or photo booth pictures? They're practical, exciting, and genuinely you. Do you adore Christmas? Ornaments, folks! It's a joyful way to merge your wedding announcement with a favorite holiday.

Music fans, why not create a personalized playlist for your guests, giving them a unique insight into your relationship through your favorite tunes? We love the idea of a mix tape or album insert as a quirky Save the Date idea. Or maybe you're a couple of music geeks, in which case customized vinyl records with your favorite songs might be just the ticket.

If you've got an eco-friendly soul, send out plantable seed papers as your Save the Dates. These little pieces of paper contain seeds that guests can plant, creating a living, growing reminder of your upcoming wedding. For those of you wanting to make your guests laugh, consider environmentally-friendly confetti-filled cards, a jigsaw puzzle Save the Date, or a message in a bottle for a whimsical touch. For a rustic option, a birchwood engraved Save the Date could be the way to go.

Got a flair for puzzles? A puzzle booklet could be a playful way to keep your guests guessing. If storytelling is more your thing, why not depict your love story through a custom comic strip, with the big reveal – your wedding date – at the end. If you're planning a destination wedding, design a passport-style Save the Date, including travel tips and info about the locale.

Imagine your guests receiving a balloon. They inflate it, and voila, your Save the Date message is revealed! Another wild idea? A customized board game with each milestone in your relationship leading to the big day. Or how about a 3D vibrant image unveiling your wedding date when viewed through 3D glasses delivered with the card? 

Here's the best part. Once you've decided on the quirky Save the Date idea that's right for you, involve your loved ones. Make a day of it and hand deliver them to your local guests. For those living further away, send a stash to a friend in their area, complete with a guest list and addresses, to spread the joy.

Whatever your budget, all these ideas are meant to inspire you. Your Save the Dates should be a reflection of who you are as a couple, a teaser of what's to come. So let loose, and don't be afraid to think outside the box. Remember, it's not about the price tag, but the thought, originality, and personality you pour into it. Now go on, start brainstorming, and remember to have fun!

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Personalized Save the Date Ideas for A Unique Couple


  1. Flip Flops:
    For a beach-themed wedding, surprise your guests with personalized flip flops featuring your names, wedding date, and location. Just be sure to use a permanent marker or attach a tag with the information!

  2. Maps:
    If travel is a significant part of your story, send mini maps highlighting the wedding location. Circle where you'll tie the knot and write your names and wedding date on another part of the map.

  3. Magnets:
    Ensure your guests won't forget the date with cute Save the Date magnets for their refrigerators. Check postal guidelines for any mailing restrictions.

    Wedgewood Weddings wedding venue group shot
  4. Scratch Off Save the Date Cards:
    Add an element of surprise with scratch-off Save the Date cards. Your guests will love revealing the details beneath!

  5. Ornaments:
    If your Save the Dates coincide with the holiday season, send themed ornaments that reflect your upcoming wedding. Guests can hang them on their trees as a daily reminder of your special day.

  6. Photo Booth Pictures:
    Inject some fun by including your favorite photo booth strips with the Save the Date. It's a unique way to share your joy and create anticipation.

  7. Let the Music Play:
    Personalize a playlist for your guests and send it along with the Save the Date. They'll enjoy listening to the tunes that hold a special meaning to you.

  8. Stickers:
    Create a collage of customized stickers to compose the perfect Save the Date design. Let your creativity run wild and make it truly unique.
    Wedgewood Weddings save the date ideas
  9. Confetti Surprise:
    Make your Save the Dates pop with themed confetti. Add a touch of celebration and excitement to your sends.

  10. Puzzle Pieces:
    Send out puzzle pieces to each guest, with your names and wedding date printed on them. Guests will have to put the puzzle together to reveal the details.

  11. Plantable Seeds:
    Give your guests a gift that keeps on growing by sending plantable seed paper with embedded wildflower seeds. They can plant them and watch love blossom along with the flowers.

  12. Customized Vinyl Records:
    If you and your partner share a love for music, send out customized vinyl records featuring your favorite songs as a couple. Guests can enjoy the tunes and have a unique keepsake.

  13. Message in a Bottle:
    Channel a beachy and whimsical vibe by sending mini bottles with personalized messages inside, containing your names, wedding date, and a playful note.Wedgewood Weddings non traditional save the date

  14. Puzzle Booklet:
    Create a small booklet with puzzle pages, including word searches, crosswords, or mazes. Guests can have fun solving the puzzles while uncovering the details of your special day.

  15. Comic Strip:
    Tell your love story through a custom comic strip. Each panel can depict a different milestone or memorable moment, leading up to the final panel revealing your wedding date.

  16. Destination Passport:
    Design passport-style Save the Date cards, complete with your names, wedding date, and a "destination" stamp. Include information about the venue, nearby attractions, and travel tips.

  17. Message on a Balloon:
    Inflate small balloons and write your Save the Date message on them. Guests will have to pop the balloon to reveal the details.photobooth non traditional save the date

  18. Customized Board Game:
    Create a personalized board game based on your relationship, where each space reveals a different milestone or memory. The final space can unveil your wedding date.

  19. 3D Glasses:
    Send out Save the Date cards with attached 3D glasses. The design can be a vibrant 3D image that guests can enjoy, and the wedding date can be revealed when they put on the glasses.

  20. Etched Wood Save The Date
    Going for a unique rustic style piece? Nothing says personalized more than an engraved or etched save the date!

There is no right or wrong answer to which kind of save the dates you should send, but there are a lot of wacky, fun and inspirational ideas you can use to impress your guests!


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