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Make Your Wedding a Downtown Phoenix Affair

Make Your Wedding a Downtown Phoenix Affair

Searching for a unique and memorable wedding destination? Downtown Phoenix should be top of your list! This vibrant urban area blends character, style, and excitement to impress you and your guests.

One of the most significant advantages of choosing downtown Phoenix for your wedding is the variety of unique venues. Whether you prefer a modern industrial space or a historic building with character, you will find a venue that reflects your style and vision. Many of these venues offer a blank canvas, allowing you to create a personalized experience for your guests. Our favorite wedding venue in the area is, hands down, Croft Downtown. It encapsulates the district's vibrancy and urban roots, and its versatility echoes the surrounding neighborhoods that are constantly evolving. 

Downtown Phoenix view

Downtown Phoenix, AZ - The Valley of the Sun

Downtown Phoenix is an excellent destination for out-of-town guests, too. The area boasts a thriving food and craft scene that features everything from craft breweries to world-class museums. Your guests will have plenty of activities to enjoy before and after the wedding. Downtown Phoenix is known for its thriving local theaters and performing arts centers offering a vast variety of shows and performances. There is something for every taste and interest in the downtown area, from Broadway musicals to experimental theater.

The area is also home to many unique and eclectic shops and boutiques, offering a range of specialty items and one-of-a-kind finds. Visitors can shop for everything from handmade jewelry to vintage clothing and artisanal gifts, all while enjoying the lively and energetic atmosphere of the downtown area. For history buffs, downtown Phoenix is home to many historic sites and landmarks that provide a glimpse into the city's rich and storied past. From the Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park to the Heritage Square historic district, it's fascinating to learn about this city's unique history and heritage.

Downtown Phoenix is known for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere, with a strong sense of community and a spirit of inclusivity that make it a great destination for locals and visitors. Traveling around downtown Phoenix is a breeze, with the light rail system providing easy access to the city's many attractions. For out-of-town guests, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is just a short drive away.

For sports fans, downtown Phoenix is home to several popular sports and event venues, including Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Footprint Center, where the Phoenix Suns take to the court, and popular acts come to perform. Visitors can catch a baseball or basketball game and enjoy the lively and energetic atmosphere of the downtown area. For outdoor enthusiasts, the area is home to fantastic hiking trails and outdoor recreational areas that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. From the stunning Camelback Mountain to the scenic South Mountain Park and Preserve, there are many opportunities to explore the area's natural beauty.


Camelback Mountain
Explore Echo Canyon at Camelback Mountain

Downtown Phoenix itself is home to many beautiful parks and outdoor spaces that provide a welcome escape from the city's hustle and bustle. From Margaret T. Hance to Civic Space Park, these green spaces provide a break from the city's business and are an excellent option for wedding photos! When planning your fresh Phoenix wedding, you'll love the vibrant cultural scene of Downtown Phoenix, which celebrates the city's rich history and diverse heritage. Downtown Phoenix is also known for its thriving nightlife scene, with a range of bars, clubs, and music venues delivering a fun and exciting atmosphere for anyone looking to let loose and have some fun. From live music to DJ sets, there is always something happening in downtown Phoenix after dark.


Downtown Phoenix: A Hotbed For Art

Considering an urban motif for your engagement, wedding, or after-party photos? Check out these beautiful local Phoenix murals that showcase the Arizona arts scene at its best.

Lauren Lee

Lauren Lee's mural - Beautiful birds and flowers

1. "Rainbows" by Lauren Lee

This mural features a beautiful, colorful rainbow that would make a stunning backdrop for wedding photos. The bright colors and positive message of the mural make it an excellent choice for a celebratory occasion like a wedding.

2. "Heroes of the Past and Present" by Lalo Cota

This mural pays tribute to Arizona's diverse history and features a variety of influential figures from different cultural backgrounds. The vibrant colors and detailed artwork Provide a powerful backdrop for wedding photos. 

3. "Desert Bloom" by JB Snyder

Capturing a beautiful desert scene with cacti and a blooming flower, this gorgeous mural's warm colors and nature-inspired design are a fun option for a desert wedding.

4. "Flowers and Butterflies" by Isaac Caruso

This features a colorful and whimsical garden scene with flowers and butterflies. The bright colors and playful design make it a great choice for a wedding portrait.

5. "La Adelita" by Lalo Cota

A tribute to the brave women who fought in the Mexican Revolution, this magnificent piece utilizes bold colors and a strong female figure make it a great choice for a wedding portrait that celebrates empowerment and strength.

6. "Mesa Southwest" by JB Snyder

This mural features a beautiful desert landscape with mountains and cacti. The warm colors and natural beauty of the mural will allow your wedding party to shine. 

7. "Ocotillo Sunburst" by El Mac

This mural features a stunning portrait of a woman with an ocotillo cactus in the background. The mural's intricate details and muted colors make it a memorable choice for a more artistic and moody wedding portrait.

8. "El Gato" by Lalo Cota

This mural features a beautiful, colorful cat. The vibrant colors and playful design lend themselves to a fun and whimsical wedding portrait.

9. "Arizona" by Gennaro Garcia

This mural features a colorful and intricate design that pays tribute to the state of Arizona. The detailed artwork and vibrant colors of this mural provide a special way to celebrate your love for your home state.

10. "Beware of Honey Badger" by JB Snyder

This mural features a playful and quirky design with a honey badger and other desert animals. The bright colors and fun design make it an excellent choice for a wedding portrait celebrating the couple's fun and playful personalities.


Brian Boner's Mural - The Garden

Posing with any of these would create a unique downtown Phoenix wedding snapshot. Here is a road map for all the murals. Consider incorporating the city's street art scene into your décor or sending your wedding party off for fun pictures against a stunning mural backdrop (this is a great idea to keep everyone entertained while you're getting ready!). The area by Croft Downtown is home to countless beautiful murals and sculptures that will add an artistic flair to your special day.


Downtown Phoenix Wedding Adventures: Special Local Treats

If you want to provide your guests with a more varied taste of Phoenix before or after your wedding, there is a huge range of options. You could ask your friends and family to choose their favorites ahead of your wedding so you know your guests will have lots to talk about as they share and compare their experiences. If you're celebrating locally, you could also make these attractions part of a bachelorette or bachelor party. 

Hot air ballon

hot air balloon rides Are a Popular Past Time in AZ


1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride for a stunning and unforgettable experience for you and your guests. You can book a hot air balloon ride over the beautiful Sonoran Desert and enjoy breathtaking views of the city and surrounding mountains. Spot your Phoenix wedding venue from above for a memory to last a lifetime!

2. Take a Desert Jeep Tour

Phoenix is surrounded by stunning desert landscapes, and taking a Jeep tour can be a fun and adventurous way to explore the area. Plan a group tour and enjoy beautiful views of the Sonoran Desert and the city skyline.

3. Attend a Concert at the Crescent Ballroom

This popular Downtown Phoenix music venue hosts a range of live music shows and events. Make it a group outing and attend a concert or dance party for a fun and memorable night out.

4. Visit the Musical Instrument Museum

A one-of-a-kind attraction with oversize instruments, impromptu performances, and eclectic displays. You could attend a live concert at the museum's theater.

5. Take a Segway Tour

Not just for tourists! Hop on a Segway to explore Downtown Phoenix. Rent Segways and tour the city's best landmarks, including the Arizona State Capitol, the Phoenix Art Museum, Margaret T. Hance Park, and the Phoenix Convention Center.

6. Attend a Baseball Game

If you're a sports fan, attending a baseball game at Chase Field is a must-do activity. Constructed in the late 1990's, Chase Field is home to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Show the world you're celebrating your wedding with a cute bridal hat or bow tie for a chance to be featured on the jumbotron. 

7. Take a Trolley Tour

Enjoy the sites around town or book a trolley to transport your guests to and from Croft Downtown. A trolley can accommodate about 28 guests and offers a vintage and charming way to travel around the city.

8. Enjoy First Friday on Roosevelt Row

Explore Roosevelt Row, the colorful arts district in Downtown Phoenix, on the First Friday of every month. With various performances, local food trucks, and other vendors to enjoy, you'll have an entire Friday night to enjoy the town. Outside of First Friday, Roosevelt Row has a number of great things to do. Plan a group outing to explore the galleries, street art, local shops, and restaurants.

9. Visit the Desert Botanical Garden

The Desert Botanical Garden is a beautiful and serene venue that offers stunning views of the desert landscape. This is the place for your out-of-town guests to truly understand this miraculous city in the desert. Being situated within Papago Park and with the Phoenix Zoo just across the street, there is so much for your guests to do while visiting Phoenix for your wedding.

Jeep Tour
go off the beaten trail in a Desert Jeep Tour


Why a Downtown Phoenix Wedding?

At the heart of Downtown Phoenix is Croft Downtown, an urban warehouse wedding venue packed with character and boisterous attitude! You'll love the neighborhood; it's charming and picturesque, making it ideal for a beautiful wedding. The area boasts stunning architecture and a lively and energetic atmosphere that perfectly captures the essence of Phoenix.

The historic local neighborhood buildings offer a unique and timeless backdrop for wedding photos. The stunning architectural details, such as the enduring brickwork, intricate stonework, and ornate wrought iron details, add a touch of sophistication and elegance to this downtown Phoenix neighborhood. The area around Croft Downtown at East Buchanan Street and 1st Street is home to many unique and eclectic shops, bars, cafes, and boutiques. From vintage clothing stores to artisanal gift shops, the area offers a range of unique and special finds that make a great choice for wedding favors or gifts.

Croft Downtown by Wedgewood Weddings-4
The Abbey Room at Croft Downtown provides an industrial-chic setting 


Getting married in downtown Phoenix offers a unique and authentic experience. The area's urban charm and cultural richness make it both elegant and sophisticated yet relaxed and welcoming. You'll love Croft Downtown's hidden courtyard, adaptable Cheshire and Abbey rooms, and the convenience of a venue that's dedicated to special events. 


Exploring Phoenix's Charms

Phoenix is a fantastic destination for couples who want a wedding that perfectly blends urban charm and natural beauty. The city offers a range of stunning venues that are sure to impress, each with its own distinct character and style. If you want to explore more options, book a friendly and informative venue tour at any of the following locations. 

The classically elegant Stonebridge Manor in Mesa is a popular venue that boasts all the modern amenities. The courtyard and grand pavilion provide an ideal backdrop for a romantic and stylish wedding.

Stonebridge Manor by Wedgewood Weddings (10)
Stonebridge Manor by Wedgewood Weddings in Mesa, AZ

For couples who want an intimate garden setting, Secret Garden in South Mountain is the ideal venue. The beautiful flowers, trees, and water features create a peaceful and serene environment ideal for an unforgettable wedding.

Secret Garden by Wedgewood Weddings (36)
Secret Garden by Wedgewood Weddings in South Phoenix


Lindsay Grove in Mesa offers a choice of beautiful outdoor ceremony sites surrounded by lush greenery. The grand hall is a true showstopper with a gorgeous Victorian and modern décor mix. It exits to a secluded outdoor patio area where you can relax during cocktail hour. 

Lindsay Grove by Wedgewood Weddings (1)
Lindsay Grove by Wedgewood Weddings in Mesa, AZ


If you're looking for a contemporary and stylish venue, Colby Falls in Gilbert is an excellent choice. The grand ballroom with floor-to-ceiling windows provides an abundance of beautiful natural light in a modern and elegant wedding venue.

Colby Falls by Wedgewood Weddings (2)
Colby Falls by Wedgewood Weddings in Gilbert, AZ

Choosing any of these special Wedgewood Weddings locations in Phoenix is excellent for couples wanting a beautiful and stress-free wedding. With stunning venues throughout Arizona, we offer a range of options to suit every couple's style, budget, and preferences. One of the most significant advantages of choosing one of our venues is convenience and flexibility with all-inclusive wedding packages that allow you to customize your event to your exact specification


Each of our AZ wedding venues are located in a beautiful and unique setting, from the urban center of Downtown Phoenix to the lush greenery of a hidden oasis. Our venues are designed to showcase the natural beauty of the surroundings while providing a comfortable and elegant setting for the wedding. If you're ready to make Phoenix your wedding location, we're excited to help you on your journey to I do! Call or text 866.966.3009 today to take the first step. 


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