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13 Memorable Wedding Day Ideas

13 Memorable Wedding Day Ideas

Now that you've sorted out the guest list, secured the venue, and found your wedding gown, there's one more delightful task on the agenda — brainstorming memorable gestures that will make your wedding day even more special for both you and your future spouse.

Check out these 13 heartfelt ideas to create lasting memories on your wedding day, both before and after you exchange your vows. 

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1. write a letter

There’s nothing more romantic than a hand-written letter. If you’re unsure where to start, consider adding the following:

  • Why you love your partner: List all the reasons you fell in love with your partner. Think about their quirks and best traits. 

  • Your wedding day wishes: You and your partner have been waiting for this moment! With that in mind, include your wishes for the event in your letter, including what you’re most excited about.
  • Your promise from this day onward: While you want to reserve meaningful messages for your vows, you can include something funny in your letter, such as ensuring you wash the dishes every weekend.
  • Your best memory together: A great way to cap off the letter is to recall a beautiful memory together. Afterward, share how you’re excited to create yet another amazing milestone with them as your spouse.

2. Create a Custom Playlist

Compile songs that remind you of your future spouse — their favorite songs, those you love singing to during road trips, and ones that hold special memories for both of you.

You can give them the playlist in the morning as your partner prepares for the big day. If you want to take an extra step, burn it onto a CD for that old-school touch and include a short love note.

3. Customize Your Partner’s Clothing

Grab your bride’s heels or groom’s handkerchief before the wedding day. Write a cute note on the sole or the back of the hanky. It’s your choice if you want to leave an emotional message or a funny one. After your wedding, you can transform these pieces of clothing into home décor.

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4. Design a Detailed Scrapbook

If you want a sentimental gift for your sweetheart, take a trip down memory lane with a scrapbook. Exchange detailed scrapbooks with one another and fill them with love notes, photos, and even souvenirs — do you still have the ticket for the first movie you saw together?

Imagine the joy of flipping through a scrapbook filled with memories, and wouldn't it be lovely if your wedding photographer could capture those heartfelt moments? Picture a clip of you both immersed in the nostalgia, playing during the reception for everyone to enjoy.

Other fun things you can include are:

  • Screenshots of texts: In today’s digital age, many people send “love letters” online. You can print out funny messages and other memorable exchanges for the scrapbook.

  • Love map: Mark your favorite memories and life events on a map with a sticker, then include an explanation on the side. Don’t forget important events like your first date and the place where the proposal took place.
  • Travel photos: Include your out-of-town snaps to inspire your partner to make more memories with you as a married couple. If you’re planning a surprise honeymoon, you can sneak the plane tickets inside.

5. Make Your Wedding Vows Unique

Put a creative spin on traditional wedding vows. It’s your big day, so make your exchange as special as the person you’ll tie the knot with. Some tips for crafting unique wedding vows are:

  • Include lyrics or iconic lines: Start with a few lines from a song, movie, or quote. Whatever it is, make sure it relates to your overall message.

  • Add humor: A dash of humor makes wedding vows fun and personal. Tell jokes and share hilarious moments to make your partner and the guests laugh.
  • Be sentimental: Give your guests a glimpse of your relationship. For instance, you can include a cute sentimental statement like, “I promise to get you your favorite ice cream even if it’s late at night.”
  • Change the format: If you want to avoid the traditional route, feel free to do so. Recite a poem or sing a song in front of the love of your life. Make it yours and embrace the moment.

6. Steal a Kiss

Peck your partner on the lips and see how they will react! The best way to pull this off is during a photoshoot so photographers can quickly capture the moment. Another ideal moment to do this is at the reception for that added romantic touch.

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7. Try the First Look/First Touch Trend

Some superstitions suggest it's unlucky for one partner to see the other in their wedding attire before the aisle walk. However, many couples opt for a first look, that special moment when both partners see each other dressed in their wedding finery for the first time.

If you want to see each other before walking down the aisle, go for it! There’s something beautiful about seeing each other one more time before being pronounced a married couple. You may want to capture it with the help of your wedding photographer.

If you decide to stick to tradition, you might want to explore having a first-touch moment. This involves holding hands—usually with a door between you—allowing you to connect, talk, or pray together before the ceremony.

8. Enjoy a First Look Moment With Your Pet

Your furry friend has been your constant companion, so ensure they’re also in your wedding gesture. If you want a creative twist to the first look trend, include your pet in the celebration and ask your photographer to capture candid shots, including their reaction after seeing you and your partner in your wedding ensemble.

9. Gift a Meaningful Piece of Jewelry

Giving a piece of lovely jewelry is a no-brainer way to show how much you value your partner. Get your soulmate something unique and meaningful, such as a necklace, a set of cufflinks to wear the day of, or a pair of beautiful earrings.

You can also get jewelry insurance to ensure you and your partner’s peace of mind. The annual price will typically be 1% to 2% of the jewelry’s value. Just treat it as a small investment for the safety of your precious gift.

10. Create a Slideshow of Memories & Milestones

A wedding slideshow is an entertaining way to give your loved ones a glimpse of your love story. You can choose between surprising your future spouse or preparing it together.

The images and videos in your slideshow should tell your story as individuals and a couple. For instance, include childhood photos and graduation snaps. Then, add key milestones as a couple, such as your anniversaries and proposal video. Since your family and friends will celebrate your special day with you, include images and videos of them with you as well to show you value their presence in your life.

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11. Plan a Surprise Performance

Celebrate your first moment as a married couple with a silly performance. It doesn’t have to be elaborate — all it takes is your genuine self! Sing their favorite song, dance with friends, or play a musical instrument. It’s also a great way to entertain your virtual guests as they celebrate with you through their screens. Take the stage, own it, and impress the love of your life.

12. Invite a Surprise Guest

Is there someone your soulmate truly loves but would never expect to see at your wedding? It could be a childhood best friend, a distant relative, or even their favorite artist. Invite someone unexpected, and make this moment the best day of you and your partner’s life.

13. Enjoy a Private Last Dance

The couple’s first dance is commonly celebrated to mark the start of married life. It’s so common that at least 91% of couples perform a first dance. While dancing amidst loved ones is delightful, there's a unique charm in savoring the moment privately after the guests have departed.

To maximize this special moment, create a romantic atmosphere before inviting your partner to dance with just the two of you, the band or DJ, and the wedding photographer. Take this moment to revel in being officially a married couple.

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Creating a Memorable Wedding Day

These thoughtful gestures are simple suggestions to make your wedding more memorable. Ultimately, you should prioritize what brings you and your future spouse joy. This day is undeniably special, so tailor it to be as unique as the bond you share. 


Author Bio: Oscar Collins is a wedding columnist and writer for Green Union, Wedding Day Online, and Save-on-Crafts, among other publications. Follow him on Twitter @TModded for frequent updates on his work.

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