Advice from Couples - What I Wish I'd Known...

Advice from Couples - What I Wish I'd Known...

Posted on 02/21/2019

Learn From Everyone Else

We asked a selection of recent couples what they wish they’d known before their wedding day. The good news: regrets are mostly small and relate to minor moments that don’t disrupt the whole day.


When planning my wedding, I had convinced myself that I wanted a huge party, so I had a large guest list. But if I were to do it again, I’d actually prefer to have a smaller guest count and use that extra money to go big with décor! When I look at my wedding photos, I’m a little sad with how simple my décor was, and a huge portion of my large guest count was just my parents’ friends anyways.” – Olivia


“If I were to do it again, I wish I would’ve known that getting married on a non-Saturday would cost so much less. It would’ve saved me so much money!” – Jordan


“I wish I would’ve done more research into what flowers work best with certain styles. I had a boho wedding but didn’t do any research as to what ‘boho flowers’ are. I just trusted what my florist suggested, but didn’t end up loving how my wedding florals looked. I wish I had done my research and found specifics to request.” - Macy


“Looking back, I would’ve made more time to greet all my tables.  We ran out of time and only got through 1/3 of the tables…   There were a few cousins and friends of my parents we literally never said hello to on our wedding day and I regret that.” – Julia


 “I wouldn’t have sent my Save the Dates to our entire guest list so early. By the time we were sending out our invitations, there were people that we hadn’t talked to in months and, if we didn’t send them the save the date, we could’ve cut them from the guest list and saved ourselves the cost of paying for those people.” - Carrie  


“We were stressed out about how many of our parents’ friends were on the guest list. But looking back, I wouldn’t have changed my parents wanting to invite their friends. They were the ones with more money than our own friends and bought us the best gifts!” - Jeff


“I should’ve gone with my groom and the groomsmen to choose their tuxes. I didn’t like the way they looked on them - it made them all look wide. The guys just asked for ‘gray suits’ and then took what the tux shop gave them. I didn’t know we needed to specify ‘slim fit’!” – Charisse


“I wish I would have interviewed more photographers and found one with a personality/vision more similar to myself. I chose the most affordable one and he didn’t have a great personality or photography style. The photographer should be able to make the couple and the wedding party feel comfortable and get us having fun.  (I should have used the Wedgewood Weddings photographer, literally the only non-preferred vendor I had!)” – Christina


“I wish I’d made time to write my own vows. I decided I’d be too nervous and it would be an extra hassle, but I think it would have been really meaningful. Make the time!” –Anna


“I got married in February with an outside ceremony. It was spectacular but our guests were cold. I saw another wedding on Instagram where the couple set out blankets and a hot coca bar for guests. Such a great idea but I just didn’t think about it.” – Daniel


“I wish I had made a specific list of the photos I wanted for my photographer. I loved my photos, but there were a few poses/people I never got. On the wedding day, there’s too much going on and it goes by too fast to remember that stuff off the top of your head. Make a list of specific shots and email it to your photographer ahead of time. Maybe keep a copy on your phone too, just in case!” – Katy


“People told me the wedding day would fly by, so I made an effort to make mental reminders throughout the day. But it STILL flies by extremely quickly!!” – Cameron


“I wish I’d known ahead of time about the etiquette on tipping and could’ve worked that into my budget. After everything was finished, a family member told me what I should tip certain vendors. That was extremely stressful for me to hear that I owed even MORE money after paying for the wedding. But knowing about it ahead of time would’ve saved me that stress.” – Taylor


“I wish I would’ve known to cut my photographer off at a certain point. He stole us away for a majority of our reception to take photos, so we missed out on a lot of dancing and we didn’t even get to eat dessert… A friend of mine joked that the bride and groom are 'slaves' to the photographer on the wedding day, but it shouldn't be that way!” - Kaylyn


“Apparently, it’s totally normal in Utah to take wedding photos on a different day before your wedding! As bizarre as it sounds, I think I would’ve considered doing that. It gets a lot of your photos out of the way ahead of time so there’s less to do on your wedding day. Then you can actually enjoy more of your wedding with your guests!” – Violet


“My sister did this and I wish I’d done it too: She invited all her girls around for a Thank You Card Party – We all wrote out a couple of cards for her, and she and her husband signed them. As we were doing it, we talked about the wedding and the gifts and what made them perfect, so it was like another party instead of a chore!” – Destiny



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