5 Mistakes Men Make with Their Wedding Look

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When it comes to the wedding day, grooms will want to look their very best, after all, this is the biggest day of your lives! Plus, the pictures will last longer than a lifetime, so it’s important to be photo-ready. As a man, planning your wedding style and accessories might not come naturally, so we're here to help.

Here are a few mistakes to avoid on your big day, so you feel confident and ready:

1. Shower Fails: Using Hot Water, The Wrong Cleanser and Shampoo

With the majority of your grooming happening in the bathroom, it’s only right that you be mindful about how you’re showering before you begin the full grooming process. A common mistake many men make is taking steaming hot showers when, in reality, it can severely damage your skin and dry it out. Be careful about how hot you make the temperature because it can leave your skin and hair damaged. The other mistake many men make is washing their face with bar soap. Due to its acidic makeup, bar soap can add extra oils to your face and can cause an imbalance of moisture and oil in the pores of your face. Along with your shampoo and body wash, be sure to find a good facial wash to use leading up to your wedding.

2. Overusing Hair Products

Using hair products every single day can cause damage to your hair, making it weak and brittle. When your hair becomes dried out, it's more susceptible to exacerbated hair loss. You don’t need to completely stop using products, but you should try to cut down on the frequency before your wedding. Also, wash out the products when you can and be conscious of products that dry out hair. Finding the best hair products for you may take time, so be prepared to try out a few new things before finding what works best on your hair.

3. Not Being Selective Enough with Grooming Products

When it comes to grooming products, particularly with facial hair, it’s essential to find your perfect razor and shave kit. Finding a razor blade or even a particular shaving cream that works best for you may take some experimenting, but it will be imperative for you to keep your skin healthy and your facial hair looking tidy. It’s important to understand the skin on your face, so be sure to try products out in the months leading up to your wedding. Take note as to how your skin reacts to certain types of razors, creams, and balms then adjust from there if needed.

4. Forgetting to Clean Up Unwanted Hair

Although it ideally shouldn’t be a mistake because it only takes a couple of seconds - cleaning up unwanted hairs, especially on your face, can drastically refine your appearance. Starting with nose and ear hair (be careful with the electric shaver!), trim the hairs then use a small brush to whisk them out of sight. These kinds of hairs are quite noticeable to anyone greeting you at the wedding and your photographer but, luckily, can be fixed within seconds. For men with extra hair on the back of the neck, be sure to ask your barber at your last cut before the big day to take an extra couple of minutes to clean up that area too. The last thing you may want on your wedding day is hairs poking out of the back of your shirt!

5. Not Smoothing Their Scruffy Beard

It’s a hot trend for men to sport facial hair every day, as well as their wedding day. It’s great to rock your beard at your wedding if it’s done right. If your beard is patchy, thin, or scruffy, your entire look can be thrown off. Luckily, there are tons of products that can help grow and smooth a longer beard. About a year before your wedding, purchase beard oil and start using it so your beard grows in strong and smooth.

You may not have realized it but, as a groom, you do need to start thinking about your wedding day look about a year before. This way, you can find products you love, grow out your hair or beard, and refine the process so you can nail it on your wedding day. With a little extra planning, you'll look great and feel confident as you head down the aisle and have photos taken of you all day long.



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